Wordless Wednesday 55 – Entertainment Center

Our very own Entertainment Center, sketched with me sitting at an angle - not the room.

Our very own Entertainment Center, sketched with me sitting at an angle – not the room.

Call to Action – Local Board Game Con! (Re-Blog)

Hi all!

I wanted to push this a little bit to get input. I’ve been asked to help with starting up a board gaming convention here in town, and was hoping for success or horror stories, advice and thoughts!

I’ll likely be blogging more about it as it gets closer, but for now, share your thoughts and stories at the post below:

Call to Action – Local Board Game Con!.

Do I need a PC?

So, I keep running into this wall of: “this is only available on PC.”

This is especially with games, I suppose. Like Guild Wars 2, then Torchlight 2 (which should someday be on my Mac…), Final Fantasy XIV, Neverwinter…

The other day, my laptop tried to tell me that my video card was no longer supported for Diablo 3.

Now, I have an old PC (from 2006). I worked on trying to upgrade some of it, and I fried my graphics card trying to do so. So I stopped messing with that, and, seeing how well my wife’s stuff worked, started buying Macs. Now I have a MacBook Pro, an iPad, and an iPhone. They work great together, and my life has started working well in terms of starting my ideas on my iPhone as I go, and then expanding on them and organizing on my iPad, and then finally doing my composition on my laptop. Oh, and an Apple TV for connecting with these devices for watching YouTube and Hulu and such from the TV.

So I suppose, a couple of things to consider. Read more of this post

New Blog – Week 3

So we’re into week three of my new blog, and I would say things are doing pretty well. We have had some pretty good readership, some good google-search finds, and have moved into some new social media areas. So let me explore those!

Like what you see? Follow, like, +1, subscribe, all that jazz!

Read more of this post

Character Creation

I got a great App on my Mac, has lots of great workspace for writing. It’s called Scrivener, and it has templates for creating characters, as well as great workspaces for your chapters and sections. You can move them around, and rearrange. You can show multiple panes at once, so that your notes or outline can be showing on one, and you can be writing in another. Overall, pretty excellent.

Then I got an iPad. Read more of this post

Why Mass Effect 3 Wrecked My Relationship With Video Games

First, I should mention the community stuff for blogging is making a lot of sense right now. I asked a question, gave my position, and got some feedback that helped me refine my thoughts – and answer my question. Read more of this post

Does anyone else feel like Mass Effect 3 ruined video games for them?

So I have hardly touched video games since my race to hit the end of Mass Effect 3… which followed watching my wife’s race to beat it. Sure, a little bit of Diablo 3, trying to get back into Skyrim, which I set down for Final Fantasy XIII-2… which I have not yet gotten back into. Good batch of games I just listed. Ought to be no problem, right?

I have been heard to remark that Mass Effect 3 has the shortest statute of limitations of just about anything ever (as such, I see no need to say spoiler alert, but be ye warned). This is because such a hubbub came up around the ending. I watched my wife beat the game because one of us needed to, and really we had pretty similar play-throughs (I guess we are both good guys at heart). As I aim to focus at least a bit on writing in this still-settling blog, this game seems *very* appropriate to discuss. Mass Effect as a series was popular not as a shooting actiony game, but as a story game, where the player built the story.

Still, the problem people have had is that the end felt… incompatible with all the decisions people put into it. There was very little to the decisions we were boxed into. Read more of this post

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