Character Creation

I got a great App on my Mac, has lots of great workspace for writing. It’s called Scrivener, and it has templates for creating characters, as well as great workspaces for your chapters and sections. You can move them around, and rearrange. You can show multiple panes at once, so that your notes or outline can be showing on one, and you can be writing in another. Overall, pretty excellent.

Then I got an iPad.

I like writing on my iPad, with the wireless keyboard. I can actually set the iPad down, hold the keyboard, and just type. This also works nicely when the cats are being pests.

But there’s no Scrivener on my iPad.

I got all sorts of materials to help me think about and prep characters and make them different from one another. I was going to work on them in Scrivener, as well as with psychology, and roleplaying supplements. All the good tools, right?

But now I’m thinking, since I have to use my laptop anyway on the characters, and I want something someone else can look at and understand. Like a friend, to help draw up the characters. Seriously, don’t leave the drawing to me.

So now, I am thinking of using Dungeons and Dragons Insider, which would allow me to put together characters, with notes, stats, skills, feats, a background outside of my own mind… and a character sheet at the end which can be viewed by someone else and considered. Worked with.

I consider myself a gamer. I supremely love character creation. Is this a good way to use this to my advantage?


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