Wordless Wednesday 56 – Next to the Entertainment Center



Wordless Wednesday 55 – Entertainment Center

Our very own Entertainment Center, sketched with me sitting at an angle - not the room.

Our very own Entertainment Center, sketched with me sitting at an angle – not the room.

Long Running Media Franchises and Trends: Do Geeks Get Burn-Out? – The Sunday Re-Blog!

Great post – what do you think about burnout for the things you enjoy? I put a lot of thought into it… hence my really long comment!

Comparative Geeks

I’ve noticed that I get sick of long running franchises (and even entire genres) a lot more quickly than most of my geeky friends seem to. I’ve always known that there was a point at which I would just be “done” with something and not be able to tolerate watching, reading, or even really hearing much about it anymore. The first time it happened to me was with He-Man and She-Ra back in the 80s. As much as I loved them, I Just. Couldn’t. Take. Anymore.

In fairness, that might have had to do with how often they were on and how many different stations were running the SAME EPISODES. My siblings are quite a bit younger than I am, and if they were left to their own devices, we would have watched the same four episodes 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s only so many…

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What’s Your White Noise?

This week, my wife was out of town for work, and that reminded me very starkly to think about what my white noise is. I work best with music. This probably isn’t surprising, given my series on music I’m writing over on Sourcerer.

My wife’s white noise, on the other hand, is TV on in the background. When really needing to work, she tends to like something she’s seen before. However, even when it’s something I’ve seen before, I tend to get more sucked in, and pay more attention.

Nonetheless, while my wife was gone, I have been watching TV in the background while I write and work around the house. And while I’ve gotten practice at writing with the TV on, as I watched the hours fly by, I realized that I probably still do not treat it as white noise.

This is a good thing to remember. While watching TV works just fine for blogging, as I work on adding more writing to my life, I think it’s good plan on doing some of this writing in the optimum conditions: to write with music!

What is your white noise? What do you like to have going while you write? Let me know in the comments below!

The Sunday Re-Blog – Star Trek vs. Star Wars

The last couple of weeks I have reblogged my posts on the definition of Fantasy and of Science Fiction. In this post, I put those definitions to the test!

This is an age-old geeky/nerdy question, as to which is better, or which is what, and I think now I am at a place where I can weigh in. Because both have a huge fandom around them, both have TV shows and movies and different eras and books and video games and… on what grounds do you compare these two worlds?

I have at least one way I would like to compare them. I recently did a post on the definition of Science Fiction – and one on the definition of Fantasy. I am going to be relying heavily on these definitions, as I think that weighing these will show a difference you can discuss between these two series.

Read up on the definitions if you haven’t already, and then let’s compare Star Trek and Star Wars! Read more of this post

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