Reviewing the Reference Interview

Tonight I start my first evening at the reference desk, and I was brushing up on the Reference Interview and found an old assignment I had done on the subject. It looks like it had been my duty to read everyone’s write-ups and post a collection of our experiences. We had played at “secret shoppers” talking to librarians, seeking their help with a question of our own choosing.

It looks like I had a lot of data to go through! Lots of insights. I am going to share this write-up, figuring it’s helpful insight about one of the more important and constant aspects of any librarian job: reference. I am making a couple of edits, but for the most part, with a bit of intro here, I figure it’s pretty good. This is something originally written by me, and the data is mainly from students in my course with me. If I had kept up my blogging more while getting the degree, this might have ended up posted far sooner! I do have a couple of references, and I will leave those as-is.

It’s also kind of fun to read it and think that it’s definitely in my same “voice,” something that is solidifying more with more and more time spent writing on a constant basis! Read more of this post


Office Memo to the new Online Sales Team

TO: Lake Onondaga Vineyard Online Sales Team

FROM: David Cox, Lead Blogger

CC: Ruth Smith, CEO

DATE: August 12, 2012

SUBJECT: Online Ad and Sponsorship Opportunities

As per your request, I have collected five ideas for Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities online. Read more of this post

Please take a minute to hear from our CEO

I took some time to interview our CEO after the article yesterday in the Syracuse Daily Tribune. I made it clear to her that I am, first and foremost, a writer, and am going to be approaching this to get to the truth of the matter. Yet still, we want her to get her voice heard as well. Please, take a minute to hear from our CEO. Read more of this post

Wines of the World: Sandhill Crane Vineyard

This time in our segment Wines of the World, I talk about our trip to the Sandhill Crane Vineyards. They do a free tasting that we really recommend, but you should watch to find out more!

Five Wines You Should Not Miss at our Tasting Room

The Lake Onondaga Sparkling

Planning a trip to the Lake Onondaga Vineyards? Make sure you get a tasting of these five exceptional – and unique to the tasting room – wines.

1. The Lake Onondaga Sparkling

We wish we could call it a Champagne. We can’t. Though the grapes are from the correct areas in France, and the results are everything and more that you might expect from a proper Champagne, we have to call it a sparkling wine. That works for us – it’s the best Sparkling Wine we know of. It’s so popular, in fact, that you can only pick it up in our tasting room, or else through membership in our wine club – because the members tend to pick it up in cases. This hot commodity is worth the try, and you may just take some home with you too. Read more of this post

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