My Writing Projects

I consider this a writing blog, and I suppose that means I join a large and illustrious group of fellow writing bloggers! This is honestly a really great community to be in, and blogging is definitely a great activity for a writer. I talked more about this during the A-to-Z Challenge (where I focused on writing!). I met a lot of great writing bloggers doing that, and I recommend it for others as well!

However, I am working on doing some more fiction writing myself. My eventual goal is novels, but I am working on creating the constant habit of writing – and having an online presence means that I have readers who are expecting content! A lot of my Features center around writing. As such, here are a few of the fictional “worlds” I am working on at various spots here on the blog:

  • Sailing to Nowhere: The idea for this is an ongoing world and story. My idea was to explore a lot of different characters, all united together by a place. I had been thinking a hotel, but I settled on a cruise ship. I don’t necessarily want the cruise ship going anywhere, and it’s not about the destination. This is about writing practice, and so I am using writing prompts to help me get the pieces together.

Coral Princess

  • The Mists of Juneau: This is a short story I have been wanting to write and produce on Tumblr. Part of the idea is to have pictures go with it, so Tumblr seems like a great space. As such, you can follow The Mists of Juneau on Tumblr. I don’t know what has been standing in my way with this one – I think it’s been that there’s a voice I want for it that I haven’t solidified yet. Hopefully I’ll just crank this all out at once at some point!
  • New Foundation: There are a lot of ideas for novels in my head, but for now, this is the one that I think makes the most sense as the one to start with. Maybe it will end up more as a novella, we’ll see as I put it together. It can stand alone, and lets me play out a lot of ideas. The working title is New Foundation, a homage to Isaac Asimov’s excellent works – about civilization collapse, and civilization rebuilt, all through good planning.

I have a lot of writing and publishing followings and followers on my Twitter, @dbc_ii, so check me out there! I also plan on actually running a lot of my fiction writing (at least the practice) on Tumblr, so follow my DBCII Tumblr for all of that! I’m sure I’ll announce here as well when I’m publishing things. And, meanwhile, my Features are where the writing is! Well, that and all my blogging


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