5 Ways to Find New Music

Here’s the next of my music posts. In this one, I explore ways that I have found new music over the years – and I am open to other suggestions! There are several in the comments!


I’ve been recommending music so far here and it’s been a lot of fun to talk to people about music. And while some people have known some of my recommendations, not everyone knows all of them, which is good! I hope that keeps up in a good way. I know I have already made music purchases based on recommendations I’ve gotten from others!

So of course from the title you know, I’d like to suggest a few of the places where I’ve found new music over the years. All of this excludes the most obvious ones, I suppose, which are recommendations from friends or, say, bloggers!

I’d love to know some of your recommended places or ways to find new music as well, so make sure to add to the conversation in the comments below!

The Radio

Yes, yes, that’s what it’s for. Music radio is there to sell you…

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5 Geeky Bands

I took a week off on Sourcerer for Music posts last week – it was a holiday week! – but here’s a post that I wrote on Comparative Geeks that fits right in. It’s an example of how I was trying to work music posts in over there, and how they didn’t really quite fit. Good list though, I stand by it.

Comparative Geeks

We did a lot of yard work this evening, and while picking music to play on my iPhone as we worked, I was thinking about geeky bands. Side note, the iPhone playing music like a speaker is one of my favorite things.

I tried to think of a list that did not include bands that are just built on and in geek culture, so this rules out bands like The Black Mages (who are amazing). I also didn’t want to include bands that are just beloved by geek culture, like Daft Punk, the stars of Tron: Legacy.

So, here are five geeky bands. For some of these decisions, the music videos help. Enjoy!

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A to Z Challenge – My Post Topics

A to Z Challenge 2014

One of the many things you can do to interact with and grow community on a blog is to participate in blogging events or challenges. Some that come to mind are Feminist Friday, NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), and, coming up next month, the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

The idea is to post 26 days in the month – all but the Sundays in April – on a theme, and with something starting with each letter of the alphabet. By the end, I feel like you’ll have some great content, or at least some content. The idea is for the posts to be short, not to drive you mad with trying to keep up with something. The idea is also then that you read several other blogs and what they’re doing. This is where you grow community: engaging in something others will be looking at, and going and looking at their blogs yourself. Find out more by going to http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

So my theme for the month is going to be writing. Looking at the topics I chose, I think that this could be more narrowly said as maybe the business and world of writing, with some highlights on some of the current trends – or dying aspects – of the industry. I guess I do touch on a few more specific points, and for all of this, it will be coming more from my head and my opinions and speculation.

We plan on also doing the challenge on Comparative Geeks, and we’re working on figuring out what topic would be best, given you have two of us who will be alternating writing about things! And also that we want the posts to fit within our blog and be a good contribution to it. This challenge fit our posting schedule over there perfectly. However, there is the fact that there are a few posts that we have scheduled for 2014 that will still have to go up… so we’ll be generating more than our normal amount of content in April!

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One Year Anniversary of Comparative Geeks – The Sunday (Tuesday) Reblog

I posted this yesterday over on Comparative Geeks. Today would be the to-the-day anniversary for us starting our weekly schedule of posting. I ask below for more ideas for posts, for input from my community – and I would happily accept input here as well! Let me know what you would like to read from my blog!

Last year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Holly and I started a blog. We had been toying with a few different ideas, thinking of what niches we saw and conversations lacking. And we thought a lot about how we talked about things, and what we wanted to say. And Comparative Geeks was born from that – the thought that we would talk about Geeky things, and not alone or by themselves, but in comparison to each other, or to other aspects of life.

I’d like to think that we’ve accomplished that, and written a blog at least a little different from what else is out there. For instance, we’re not a news blog – there are other blogs out there doing a much better job of giving you day-of updates on what’s going on in the world of geek. We tend to speculate a bit more instead. Nor are we a review site – there are other blogs out there doing episode-by-episode show reviews, issue-by-issue comic reviews, and more detailed sorts of movie reviews.

Instead, we’ve taken our comparative approach – things like our LitFlix, which compare the book or comic to the movie based on this source material. Or like our Science Fiction and Religion posts, which consider a topic often touched in science fiction but which is treated in interesting ways whenever it shows up. And we have now, for a year, successfully kept up with our publishing plan – six posts a week, three each. Granted, not always on the days we plan on, but we got you some content!

And that leads to what has been great about this blog: you. The readers. While we had enough to say that we likely would and could have kept going on our own, you make it all the more worth it. While we may not reply to comments in a timely fashion, know that each one makes us happy. When you take the time to read our posts, thoughtfully consider them, and add to the conversation? That’s where this is worth it.

So that’s what I wanted to do for a one-year anniversary post: ask for input from you, the readers, on what you would like us to write about in the days, weeks, and months to come. Help us make another great year for Comparative Geeks!

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10 Great Things From Blogging This Year

It was nearly a year ago that my wife and I planned and began to build our blog, still going strong today. We’ve kept with 6 posts a week, 3 each, with the occasional guest post. We’ve used a variety of post types, like I learned about in my class on blogging – though perhaps not as many as we could.

We do a great deal of reviews, talking through the things in our life we’re experiencing – mostly the geeky things. But then, what might one expect from a blog called Comparative Geeks?

From a blogging perspective, we’ve seen some great results, though there’s more that could happen. We are happy with where we are at, not planning on this as a form of income, or necessarily caring about being a big thing. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not nice to get noticed, seen, read, shared, and the community-forming we’ve seen this year has been great. So let me walk you through ten great moments for Comparative Geeks this year!

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