One Year Anniversary of Comparative Geeks – The Sunday (Tuesday) Reblog

I posted this yesterday over on Comparative Geeks. Today would be the to-the-day anniversary for us starting our weekly schedule of posting. I ask below for more ideas for posts, for input from my community – and I would happily accept input here as well! Let me know what you would like to read from my blog!

Last year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Holly and I started a blog. We had been toying with a few different ideas, thinking of what niches we saw and conversations lacking. And we thought a lot about how we talked about things, and what we wanted to say. And Comparative Geeks was born from that – the thought that we would talk about Geeky things, and not alone or by themselves, but in comparison to each other, or to other aspects of life.

I’d like to think that we’ve accomplished that, and written a blog at least a little different from what else is out there. For instance, we’re not a news blog – there are other blogs out there doing a much better job of giving you day-of updates on what’s going on in the world of geek. We tend to speculate a bit more instead. Nor are we a review site – there are other blogs out there doing episode-by-episode show reviews, issue-by-issue comic reviews, and more detailed sorts of movie reviews.

Instead, we’ve taken our comparative approach – things like our LitFlix, which compare the book or comic to the movie based on this source material. Or like our Science Fiction and Religion posts, which consider a topic often touched in science fiction but which is treated in interesting ways whenever it shows up. And we have now, for a year, successfully kept up with our publishing plan – six posts a week, three each. Granted, not always on the days we plan on, but we got you some content!

And that leads to what has been great about this blog: you. The readers. While we had enough to say that we likely would and could have kept going on our own, you make it all the more worth it. While we may not reply to comments in a timely fashion, know that each one makes us happy. When you take the time to read our posts, thoughtfully consider them, and add to the conversation? That’s where this is worth it.

So that’s what I wanted to do for a one-year anniversary post: ask for input from you, the readers, on what you would like us to write about in the days, weeks, and months to come. Help us make another great year for Comparative Geeks!

Character Studies

For instance, we have written a number of popular – and fun to write – character studies. We had a lot of fun writing a variety of them about characters from Game of Thrones, for instance, last year. However, we really only have a short list right now of more characters to explore.

So! Who would you like to see us explore in a character study? Or, is there a show or fictional universe you’d like to see us explore several characters from? Let us know in the comments down below!

Science Fiction Today

We wrote a few posts this year for our Science Fiction Today category, but not too many. The list for these posts just keeps growing and growing, and we’re hardly making a dent in it!

With these posts, we have been trying to take an issue from today’s world, and look at what it might look like through explorations in science fiction. And a lot of these issues have both a dystopian future – where a problem today leads to an excessive response, for instance, or where it crashes society down around us. But there’s also often a utopian future, where there is a technological or societal solution to the issue.

So, while suggestions you have might match items on our list, that’s okay! We could use some guidance on where even to start on our list of topics. In the comments below, let us know what topics from today’s world you would like to see us consider through the eyes of science fiction!


And of course lists are one of the finest ways to compare things, and are the sort you would see on more blogs than just ours! We’ve done lists on a wide variety of topics, based both in fictional worlds and in our own. Based on our personal life or personal preference, or based more in the media or external world.

Lists are also often a fun diversion and a great conversation piece for us, so they’re a lot of fun! They can also take some work, so though they would be fun to do more often, or perhaps seem like cop-out posts, they’re actually serious business!

Anyway, are there any lists you would like to see us tackle? Let us know in the comments down below!

Geek 501

Another newer type of post we’re trying out is Geek 501, which are more like primer posts on either an idea, or a piece of media. I’d like to do more of this, and have some ideas. What sorts of things do you try explaining to people, that you’d like to have a description of? That’s the sort of thing that might be a great post for us!

A similar sort of thing has started happening over on For Human Peoples, with introductory posts on Doctor Who or Sherlock. There’s a place for posts like this, and for taking a step back and taking the long view of something. For instance, I was just reading a great whole-series description of Mass Effect over on Gamemoir, and it really is nice to read a review like that, to remember why you love (or in this case, loved) something.

So what would you like to see us explore in Geek 501? Help us shape this category, and create a primer on geekdom!

Help us Make a Great Second Year!

Anything else you would like to see us tackle? Opinions you’d like to see from us? Polls to conduct? Guest posts to ask for from our guest bloggers? Let us know! We’re not writing in a vacuum, and you can help us make sure that this is true.

And as a last note, I just want to say thank you again, for reading our blog, for liking and commenting, for sharing and reblogging our content. Thank you for following, or Facebooking us, or following us on Twitter or Google+.

And thank you too, to the many of you who are also bloggers, for the great content you are putting out, much of which we read as well – just maybe not in a timely fashion! I know I at least have moved away from reading some of the older or more established blogs, the bigger names with lots of contributors – and am getting my news and thoughts more from you fellow smaller bloggers. Keep up the great work!

And thank you to our friends and family, our earliest readers. Several of whom we have recruited as guest bloggers, and thank you especially to you – to Guest Geek Brian, to AC Powers, and to our own Freshly-Pressed Leah. You’ve helped us to succeed at keeping up our posting schedule, helped us make this blog a success instead of a failure. We couldn’t have done it without you!

So here’s to a great second year for Comparative Geeks!


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