New Here?

Welcome to DBCII!

This blog serves a couple of purposes:

  • It is a blog about blogging. As such, you can find my thoughts about blogging, links to articles on blogging, and you can keep up with some of my experiences and things I am trying out blogging. Please, if you have advice to give or suggestions for others, leave comments!
  • It is a blog about writing. I am a writer, in my own mind at least – I have the plans and outlines of stories prepared, and I am working on getting the time/motivation/start to writing them down. In some ways, this blog is part of me forming the habits of daily writing.

As such, this blog ties in very heavily with myself and my experiences and thoughts and learning. If you want to know more about me, check out my About page! I take the organization of the blog right from my mind, however: My Myers-Briggs type, INTJ. So, in each category, find posts on these sorts of topics:




JudgingJust click a topic to get to the related posts!


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