Five Wines You Should Not Miss at our Tasting Room

The Lake Onondaga Sparkling

Planning a trip to the Lake Onondaga Vineyards? Make sure you get a tasting of these five exceptional – and unique to the tasting room – wines.

1. The Lake Onondaga Sparkling

We wish we could call it a Champagne. We can’t. Though the grapes are from the correct areas in France, and the results are everything and more that you might expect from a proper Champagne, we have to call it a sparkling wine. That works for us – it’s the best Sparkling Wine we know of. It’s so popular, in fact, that you can only pick it up in our tasting room, or else through membership in our wine club – because the members tend to pick it up in cases. This hot commodity is worth the try, and you may just take some home with you too. Read more of this post


Top Ten Reasons to Eat the New Stuffed Keeley Krackerz


What should he do with his Stuffed Keeley Krackerz?

New Stuffed Keeley Krackerz hit the shelves!

Have you been wondering what to do with those new Stuffed Keeley Krackerz you’ve been seeing on the shelves?┬áNot sure which flavor is for you? Afraid you’ll buy them all? These questions and more tackled in our latest segment:

The Top Ten Reasons to Eat the New Stuffed Keeley Krackerz:

Number 10… The pictures look so good!

Number 9… Locally made in Syracuse!

Number 8… Organic ingredients: we worried about it so that you don’t have to!

Number 7… Not confiscated by TSA when your bag gets searched, unlike that pesky water.

And it’s a slam dunk! Delicious!

Number 6… The fillings were democratically chosen on our website! Want a new flavor? Go vote for it!

Number 5… One dollar from each sale goes back to the Syracuse University Sports Program! Go Orange!Number 4… Individually packaged so there’s no fighting over sharing!

Number 3… A flavor for everyone in the family! Mixed flavor boxes so that there’s something for everyone as well!

Number 2… Yes, there’s peanut butter.

Number 1… Also, chocolate.

So go out and try some, there’s sure to be something you’ll like! If not, go here to vote for more! New flavors coming out all the time!

What are the best Video Games?

I am interested in a couple of main things in video games, mainly around story telling, and then around social activity with friends and family. Maybe you picked up on this in my recent blog post. However, games mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and as I mentioned recently in a conversation about World of Warcraft, few games hit on all of these gaming needs and types (my point being that WOW sure tries to do so!).

I went to the Art of Video Games Exhibit recently, and it was a lot of fun. Even better was how it was taking games seriously. It approached games both by console, and by four groupings: Target (think Halo), Adventure (think Zelda), Tactics (think StarCraft), and Action (think Mario). Check out their list here. What is neat about this list is users voted on it, so it is a really good listing of games that have stuck with people and impacted them. Read more of this post

My Top Ten Video Games

Gamers often get into debates about which video games are their favorites, or which are the best, or influenced them most, or that you’re crazy if you don’t like. Well, I thought I would put out something of my list. To help justify my opinions, I have created a category for each, and for some even have runners up, that my top choice beats out.

Like I said, I was just at the Art of Video Games exhibit, so I know full well I am leaving out a lot of types of games. I plan to rectify this with some links to other top lists of games – so you don’t have to take my word for it! Let me know what you think.

Without further ado, and in no particular order… my top ten video games. Read more of this post

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