Top Ten Reasons to Eat the New Stuffed Keeley Krackerz


What should he do with his Stuffed Keeley Krackerz?

New Stuffed Keeley Krackerz hit the shelves!

Have you been wondering what to do with those new Stuffed Keeley Krackerz you’ve been seeing on the shelves? Not sure which flavor is for you? Afraid you’ll buy them all? These questions and more tackled in our latest segment:

The Top Ten Reasons to Eat the New Stuffed Keeley Krackerz:

Number 10… The pictures look so good!

Number 9… Locally made in Syracuse!

Number 8… Organic ingredients: we worried about it so that you don’t have to!

Number 7… Not confiscated by TSA when your bag gets searched, unlike that pesky water.

And it’s a slam dunk! Delicious!

Number 6… The fillings were democratically chosen on our website! Want a new flavor? Go vote for it!

Number 5… One dollar from each sale goes back to the Syracuse University Sports Program! Go Orange!Number 4… Individually packaged so there’s no fighting over sharing!

Number 3… A flavor for everyone in the family! Mixed flavor boxes so that there’s something for everyone as well!

Number 2… Yes, there’s peanut butter.

Number 1… Also, chocolate.

So go out and try some, there’s sure to be something you’ll like! If not, go here to vote for more! New flavors coming out all the time!


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