Happy 4th of July from Keeley Krackerz

Our Ceo

Our CEO and Founder, Sean Keeley

A Message from our CEO:

Greetings, Keeley Krackerz friends and families.

First, to our team, I want to thank you for working hard these recent weeks to get ahead of schedule on cracker production, so that the holiday does not interrupt the community’s ability to enjoy our delicious products. Know that your efforts have been noticed and have paid off, and we are where we wanted to be.

Second, to the community, a reminder that we will be closed for business for an extended 4th of July weekend. Family is important for us at Keeley Krackerz. I know my family plans to enjoy the time we will have together because of this holiday, and I hope yours does too. But democracy is also important to us, from our line of democratically-elected Stuffed Keeley Krackerz fillings to our democratically elected dress code. That makes this holiday off of special significance for us, and we hope you will indulge us as we enjoy the time off. We will be closed from the 4th to the 8th, and will be back at it Monday the 9th.

If you found this message while trying to contact us during this period, know that we will be back available for you soon! But hopefully this has not happened. We pushed to get a solid supply of Keeley Krackerz out to all of our local distributors, and this should last well through the weekend.

We look forward to being here as your hard-working, family-centered cracker company in the weeks and years to come. Thank you.

Sean Keeley


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  1. dbcox says:

    This is part of a class assignment on business blogging, going along with last week’s look at crisis blogging. Check out my explanation of the assignment here:


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