Today’s Assignment: Business Blogging

Hi all,

This week’s assignment is about blogging for a business or organization. We’re having a little fun with Keeley Krackerz, Professor Keeley’s delicious new fictional product. The part I am having fun thinking of are properties of the fake product, since I can basically say whatever. Not always so with a real product. Keeley Krackerz are, quote, “Ritz-like crackers that [are] geared towards families.” For the rest it is up to me.

There are two posts to do. One is a fun post, not directly promotion. So just the sort of post you would put up to show people you are still there, living a life, being human, not directly trying to sell the product, but instead part of being a brand, a blog, and a person. As a small, local business (Keeley Krackerz is now a small, local business… see what I did there?), showing this side of the business would be a constant, conscious effort. Which would hopefully be effortless. However, this might be the harder one to write for a fake business. I think I will go with a Happy 4th of July post, to show the company taking time off and enjoying the holiday, and wishing everyone a similar experience.

The second post to do is a “Product in Action” post, something that can be a pillar of the site, but which is meanwhile promotional. This is a post about the crackers. Krackerz. For this, I led by thinking about the pictures I could do with it. I found I had some new Ritz Crackerfuls around, and would like to thank them for some inspiration. So the new product is Stuffed Keeley Krackerz. I was thinking a top-ten list of reasons to eat these crackers (krackerz), which can include facts about the product (fake as those facts are), as well as promote the business in general, like it’s small, local business-ness.

Meanwhile, my 4th of July week has been crazy, so this is all due within an hour! So watch me write! Actually, you can’t, but it’s all gonna happen pretty quick here. Hmmm, not something you normally tell the professor. Right! This was all done days ago, Professor Keeley! We would never procrastinate at Keeley Krackerz!


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