Something About This Worked

So, after thinking about all the various things that are working in my blogging right now, that got me thinking about my most successful post on Comparative Geeks. It just keeps getting found on the Internet, and keeps getting views. I mentioned it in my last post. And it had such an odd name.

Character Studies Truncated.

I mean, what I was referencing was my previous post, in which I had laid out a plan to explore each D&D alignment and painstakingly go through and place various fictional characters within them. Which seems tedious and pointless once you start looking for this sort of stuff on the Internet… Because there’s, like, a lot of that out there.

So I want to explore what is making that successful. One of my thoughts is after the jump!


I put a lot of work into it, so maybe I just hope it’s the reason for the success. This was me taking what would have been nine posts, and making it into one post. Fun what pictures can accomplish, right? And while I may have gotten a few reads here and there if I had done nine – and lots of posts out of it – this one, really compact post, is getting a ton of traffic on its own.

So, I’m putting it here, and wondering if it will end up getting any traffic here. What I’m not adding right now is any tags – that may have to be the next experiment, reposting this with the same tags, and seeing what kind of traffic it gets.

We’ll see where this goes, and I’ll report back on findings! Meanwhile, if you’ve come across this, yes, I put it together. What are your thoughts?


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2 Responses to Something About This Worked

  1. Gene'O says:

    I think the success has as much to do with the fact that you used alignments to organize it as the pics themselves.

    I’m interested to see what you learn from this.


    • Good question! We’re approaching a year since I posted this post. I also posted two follow-up posts:

      So here’s the results!

      The first post, this one, has a whopping 6 views. However: it has 18 likes. So either people just like blogs they see in the WordPress Reader and move on, or something with the reader makes it so that you don’t necessarily get the stats from them reading the post.

      The second post has 15 views, and 11 likes. In this second variant, I ran all three pictures from the original post. However, there were some likes from different bloggers, so that’s new.

      The third post has 14 views, 1 like, and a comment (and reply). I led with a new picture, that was probably very busy and confusing to folks just seeing it in the WordPress Reader. Interesting. Tends to make me think people do like posts based on title/header image in the Reader, and then move on.

      For comparison, the Comparative Geeks post I was studying has, in the last year (so a little over the mark for when this post first went up), 996 views (only a little more than 1000 lifetime). So… yeah. Something about it worked. Just not sure on how to duplicate it!


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