Something About This Worked – Part 2

Well, we’re a week on, how did my last experiment go?

Well, those are some very different stats. So what does this mean? And what’s the next experiment? Read on!

What Does It Mean?

I don’t really know, not yet. I will say, WordPress likes – without views, like we seem to have here – tend to be from people looking at new posts or through tags and categories, and not necessarily reading everything. But they do see the pictures, or at least the first one. And that means that the picture I posted last time likely elicited these likes – they saw the content if not necessarily the point.

On this blog, there was one search term that led to the site all week – which was a search for That might even have been me testing on another browser, who knows. Looking through the many search terms that turned up Comparative Geeks, several look like they match directly to the Character Studies post. So what I posted did interest bloggers who saw it, but did not turn up anything in search engines. So time to up the ante.

This Week’s Experiment

So this week, I am planning on testing the images – because one seems to have been popular, I am going to test this post with all three of the images from the original post. We’ll see if the preponderance of images increases the searchability of the post… but I kind of doubt it. Upcoming tests, then: adding tags, and reposting the original content. But for now, the pictures! Same Tags as last week.





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