Flash Fiction Friday 2

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For my first longer-format flash-fiction story, I tried Fantasy. So I thought I would go with Science Fiction here. I used every character of a 140-character tweet. Which is unfortunate, since I was planning on adding the #flashfiction.

It’s a little rough, but it’s me trying to think through the longer story I’m working on. I wrote it a while ago, also. Since then, I’m moving into having a world I’ll be writing shorter fiction in… you can check that out on Monday!


Six Word Saturday 4

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I wanted to try to do something related to the story I started working on this week. This is what I got to. Dun dun dun…

Started some writing!

Hey, I figure, I have to celebrate the small stuff along the way. I have, by golly, started working on a story. I was planning on using my time on something else (a job application), and just couldn’t focus – so I sat down with a blank page, the character names recommended to me in the comments of a recent post, and started writing.

It wasn’t much. Hard to tell, with some of these new-fangled, no-distractions writing apps. I’m using iA Writer, which I think is more appropriately Writer by Information Architects. I, as a writer who has learned about Information Architecture, really like their simple interface, and their cloud sync – which is a lot of why I am using it. So I can write on whatever device is handy!

I have not thought of anything remotely resembling a title, and anything really close to it could be giving away some of my thinking, and like many writers (I imagine), I play some of the cards close to my vest. For now, I’m using a working title of “New Foundation.” I’m leaning towards a female protagonist, because why not, so her name will be Platia as recommended.

I’m planning on writing the whole plot start to finish, but I’m not sure that’s the order it should end up at. That might just be because I love in media res so much… But maybe just start at the beginning. Like my working title namesake – Foundation by Isaac Asimov.

For now, it just feels good to have found a project I feel ready to write. Yatta!

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