Muse Monday 1 – Beginnings

Hello! For my first Muse Monday, I really searched through the prompts for one that felt right for a first story. And finally, I decided on the one I probably could have chosen in like a minute. It’s called “Beginnings” from The 3A.M. Epiphany. Which reads: “Write a story with one of the following as your opening sentence (or choose a sentence from a favorite writer). You should not let anything but this sentence influence you, however you wish to be influenced… 400 words.

For my opening line, I went with the opening line of the song “Sailing to Nowhere” by the Broken Bells. “Sailing to Nowhere” is also my working title for these stories, with this setting. Hope you like it!

Tommorrow I sail the world.

Today though, today we’re at sea. It doesn’t feel like you see much of the world when it’s just blue, and blue, and blue, and blue – in all four directions. As before, so behind. And no course correction would change this outlook.

I know 70% of the world is supposed to be water, is supposed to be ocean – but for some reason, now that I’m here, now that it’s everywhere, it doesn’t seem like “the world” at all.

I keep watching for monsters, though. They’re on all of the old maps, right? Here there be monsters. The edge of the world, the edge of the map. The end of the world, the end of the map. Sailing to nowhere.

I’ve heard people saying they’ve seen dolphins, swimming along next to the ship. Have there been as many dolphins as stories about dolphins? That I’m not sure about. I haven’t seen them, so I can’t say.

Maybe the better stories are the other people here on the ship. They all have stories, reasons to be here, people with them. I seem to have made the mistake of traveling alone – going on a cruise with no one else I know.

I went on a cruise to go places. And here I am, sailing to nowhere, no one and nothing to do. But maybe for now, it’s not my story that matters, but the others. I sit back and watch.

Like that family – what do they want to see? Where do they want to be going? Two parents, two kids, so normal. They’re like a little picture of perfection, walking around the ship showing everyone it’s so.

Or that old couple. They’re completely settled in to life on the ship. Or, at least, those deck chairs. It’s like they belong to them… I’m thinking it’s not their first cruise.

Maybe not their first cruise in a row.

They’re curled up with a book – now there’s an idea I wish I had had. Why didn’t I bring a book? Maybe they sell them down in the shops. Except that just looked like jewelry I don’t need and nick-nacks and booze.

I need something to do besides watch. Without realizing, my feet carry me somewhere. Let’s go see if they have books. Walking to somewhere.

Sailing to nowhere.


Six Word Saturday 7

Last week I tried my hand at some Science Fiction six word stories, and explored some of the idea of how to get the story across. In particular, about answering some of the fundamental questions, the 5 W’s – Who, What, Where, When, and Why. So I thought for this week I would try my hand at doing the same for Fantasy.

Except, Fantasy seems harder! To really seem like a Fantasy, I was trying to figure out working in Elves, or Dwarves, or something. However, while this might answer the “Who” question, it doesn’t necessarily provide direct relationship or meaning if you talk about two of them. As opposed to last week, where “two lovers” says a lot, saying “the Elves and Dwarves” takes a lot more words and accomplishes far less.

So I went back to basics, tapping into some fundamentals on Fantasy, or at least of Fairy Tales. The classic ending, above, or how about the classic beginning, below…

It doesn’t end up saying much, though. Some great stories have been built on, for instance, taking apart the idea of “happily ever after.” But in six words, that’s harder to do! And what two words can you add, after “Once upon a time,” which tell a story all on their own?

I’m still thinking my way through this one, so let me know your thoughts on telling a Fantasy story in short order!

Six Word Saturday 5


I’m trying to do some more original stuff with my Six Word Stories. However, what I feel like I’m doing instead is creating story beginnings, story openers. I mean, it’s fun to leave a lot to the imagination – and you kind of have to when you only have 6 words to work with! – but this is maybe too much for the imagination?


What do you think – how does the fight end?

Started some writing!

Hey, I figure, I have to celebrate the small stuff along the way. I have, by golly, started working on a story. I was planning on using my time on something else (a job application), and just couldn’t focus – so I sat down with a blank page, the character names recommended to me in the comments of a recent post, and started writing.

It wasn’t much. Hard to tell, with some of these new-fangled, no-distractions writing apps. I’m using iA Writer, which I think is more appropriately Writer by Information Architects. I, as a writer who has learned about Information Architecture, really like their simple interface, and their cloud sync – which is a lot of why I am using it. So I can write on whatever device is handy!

I have not thought of anything remotely resembling a title, and anything really close to it could be giving away some of my thinking, and like many writers (I imagine), I play some of the cards close to my vest. For now, I’m using a working title of “New Foundation.” I’m leaning towards a female protagonist, because why not, so her name will be Platia as recommended.

I’m planning on writing the whole plot start to finish, but I’m not sure that’s the order it should end up at. That might just be because I love in media res so much… But maybe just start at the beginning. Like my working title namesake – Foundation by Isaac Asimov.

For now, it just feels good to have found a project I feel ready to write. Yatta!

Six Word Saturday 2


So, in thinking about the idea of the Six Word Story, it got me thinking of the elements of a story. And when you get down to the basics, a story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Well, that works just about right for a 6-word story. But does it tell us much? Read more of this post

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