Six Word Saturday 13


Cryptic is fun, right? I don’t know if it counts as a story. I suppose it’s a hook.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do here, to do with my Features. And some of what I was realizing, as I looked at them all together, was that I had two that were short-writing Features: Muse Monday, and Flash Fiction Friday. I sprung them both on myself at the same time, and have been failing at both at the same time.

For Muse Monday, the goal was a post that was based on a writing prompt of some kind, to get in writing practice. However, it takes a good period of time to do this still: picking a prompt, thinking on it, writing it up… I wasn’t giving myself time to do it on the weekend, and then Monday would come and go.

For Flash Fiction Friday, I was giving myself no prompt. Unlike the Six Word Saturday posts – where I had a goal, of at least trying to figure out #SixWordStory and how to tell a story in six words, and could spend several days in advance on Twitter posting stories. For Flash Fiction Friday, I found myself on Friday, trying to think of something to write, and realizing this defeated the purpose – might as well not write the story on Twitter if I’m going to write it and post it immediately!

So that gets me to now. I like the Friday date – I can spend several days throughout the week, figuring out a prompt, thinking on the story, getting it written so it can go up Friday. And for Monday, I need something easier, something that takes a little less thinking. So I think the plan for now would be to keep up Meme Monday for that purpose, as well as Wordless Wednesday, which I have at least been keeping up solidly every week.

It seems streamlined – let’s see how it goes!


Six Word Saturday 12


Of the many projects in my head, one I feel like requires a Lovecraftian sensibility – some unknown, unknowable horror, something difficult to describe and perhaps beyond words in general.

But I think I had to get the Monty Python response out of my head first…

Six Word Saturday 11


It’s been a busy week, but hey, check out some of the updates to the site if you have a minute – especially my new Features page!

The above phrase popped into my head (though I suppose it’s originally a bit longer), and it was such a great moment… a really simple character trying to tell a complex story, trying to create conversation, to break the ice, to ease the tension. And the best he got was that the sky was blue…

Hope it’s all blue skies for you!

Six Word Saturday 10


This time, the story is me. Rough week, it seems, here on DBCII. I have a really busy September, which seems like it is leading into a much calmer October… and a long vacation in November. I need to get way ahead on things, or else decide to push things back for the future. I want to write, need to write. And I am doing so – I’m keeping things going on Comparative Geeks, I’m still contributing on Sourcerer… Unfortunately, that means that this blog is the third on my priorities list.

So I’ve fallen back to my old Features this week, today and Monday. I’m going to try to figure this out, to keep this going.

Six Word Saturday 9



I forgot about Flash Fiction Friday yesterday. Just completely. My wife talked a bit about what we were up to yesterday, so that’s some of it. And I guess, some of it too is changing Features, you suddenly have something new to remember! Be ye warned.

I always wanted to use the line above for a Meme, and just never had inspiration. It seems like the sort for a two-part sort of thing: the first one, something. There’s the part I didn’t know. But part two is Doctor Moon, from the Doctor Who classics Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead, saying “and then, you forgot.” If you have any ideas for making the Meme, let me know and I will see what I can do!

Anyway, Flash Fiction Friday is not dead, it will return – I had even tweeted a story. I’ll just be saving that…

And reminder: Doctor Who series 8 starts tonight!

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