Introducing Flash Fiction Friday!

I mentioned on Monday that I had been thinking about rearranging some of my Features here on DBCII. One that I have been working on is Six Word Story Saturday, which, while fun, is not the easiest thing to write. And, given I wasn’t getting a lot of interaction on these, I feel no problem with shifting that project to a slightly different one: Flash Fiction Friday.

Because blogging Features need alliteration.

So this is this week’s little story. I am, for now, going to keep doing the stories on Twitter, as an interesting forced limit to them. However, working within 140 characters is still a lot more than six words, so it’s some room to breathe. And, as I discussed last week, trying to create any sort of genre story in six words is very difficult – but I think that with 140 characters, there’s a shot!

So it’s a big improvement over a story like this:

Let me know what you think, and if you have any experience with Flash Fiction!


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6 Responses to Introducing Flash Fiction Friday!

  1. Sourcerer says:

    oh dude. Sweet.

    I love the Flash fiction Friday idea, and the six word story is fabulous.

    Also, just discovered that if you embed a tweet on your blog, I can retweet it right from the embedded tweet. Yay!

    I might join in at some point if you can give me an idea about just how short flash fiction needs to be. I’m an old man. Have no idea about the word count and such.

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    • Share, favorite, everything – it is the Tweet itself. Which is impressive embedding!

      From what I have read online, “Flash Fiction” tends to be up to 1000 words. However, I’m starting with Twitter-length: so up to 140 characters. Well, except I’ll probably include #flashfiction, so that’s 13 characters down. 127 characters?

      Still, I think I show a pretty strong difference between the two stories above – one tells a story, one is just kind of an idea.


  2. I agree about the alliteration. And yes! Writing within the 140 character limit (rather than the 6 word limit) made the story much more interesting.


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