Six Word Saturday 8


I’m thinking about a bit of a shift in my Six Word Saturday posts. I feel like I’ve played this out as an exercise where I’m learning anything. And I’m not really getting feedback from others to help enhance it any more, so I may be doing something similar and soon.

But six words just is so tough! Sure, there’s cheating it, like I did in some of the early tweets. Combining ideas, or proper nouns, as one “word” using the idea of a hashtag. And in fact, I have been “cheating” by adding hashtags to most of my Six Word Stories, adding something to them. But adding a hashtag like #zombies pays off at least a little, with feeds picking them up…


So see, I tried at a bigger Fantasy sort of Six Word Story, like I was talking about last week. But it’s kind of like… oh, is that it? Needs a little more. Genre fiction just needs a bit more than six words, I think, to really take life. To be anything more than a cliche.

But alright, more of my plans later. This week, I was working on clearing out some of the random Six Word Stories I had drafted…


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