Emerging Trends in Blogging

Blogging itself was a new form of communication not too long ago, although in many ways not that different from what came before, from news articles, to editorials, to LiveJournals, and message boards. What has been coming on the scene feels different, but is similar too. Microblogging, and blogging as social media, is where things seem to be going at the moment.

What can this blog, as a blog about writing and blogging, do to keep up with this? What does the future of this blog look like? Read more of this post

My Blogging Statistics

This week’s assignment brings us to something I have been thinking about and looking at already: Blog Statistics.

Every time I think about blog statistics, I go back to the layout for the site. For instance, I felt like I didn’t feel like the recent posts gave people a good explanation of what was going on, and so I made the “About” page into the home page of the site. Then I watched the stats, saw that the most viewed page was just the home page, and realized that it left very few options for exploring the site content. So I went back to the post layout.

Then, I kept trying to find a way to show more of the post content, and have finally, in thinking about stats now, changed my theme. Much more like I wanted it to work. Although still, not quite like some blogs I read, where there is a break, and people have to click through. This also allows them to take things like top tens and break them into ten or eleven individual pages, increasing page views, but also making each bit shorter and less likely to get the ol’ “tl;dr” response.

So what stats do I watch the most? And more importantly, which should I watch the most? That is the question. You know, for the week. If I knew how to make it break, this is where I would! Read on, loyal reader! Read more of this post

Apple RFP Response

Dear Sirs and Madams,

We here at DBCOX would like to thank you for considering us as a blog on which to advertise. You have requested a proposal as to how our businesses intersect, and how we can benefit you. I hope you will not be disappointed. Read more of this post

Top Ten Reasons to Eat the New Stuffed Keeley Krackerz


What should he do with his Stuffed Keeley Krackerz?

New Stuffed Keeley Krackerz hit the shelves!

Have you been wondering what to do with those new Stuffed Keeley Krackerz you’ve been seeing on the shelves? Not sure which flavor is for you? Afraid you’ll buy them all? These questions and more tackled in our latest segment:

The Top Ten Reasons to Eat the New Stuffed Keeley Krackerz:

Number 10… The pictures look so good!

Number 9… Locally made in Syracuse!

Number 8… Organic ingredients: we worried about it so that you don’t have to!

Number 7… Not confiscated by TSA when your bag gets searched, unlike that pesky water.

And it’s a slam dunk! Delicious!

Number 6… The fillings were democratically chosen on our website! Want a new flavor? Go vote for it!

Number 5… One dollar from each sale goes back to the Syracuse University Sports Program! Go Orange!Number 4… Individually packaged so there’s no fighting over sharing!

Number 3… A flavor for everyone in the family! Mixed flavor boxes so that there’s something for everyone as well!

Number 2… Yes, there’s peanut butter.

Number 1… Also, chocolate.

So go out and try some, there’s sure to be something you’ll like! If not, go here to vote for more! New flavors coming out all the time!

Happy 4th of July from Keeley Krackerz

Our Ceo

Our CEO and Founder, Sean Keeley

A Message from our CEO:

Greetings, Keeley Krackerz friends and families.

First, to our team, I want to thank you for working hard these recent weeks to get ahead of schedule on cracker production, so that the holiday does not interrupt the community’s ability to enjoy our delicious products. Know that your efforts have been noticed and have paid off, and we are where we wanted to be.

Second, to the community, a reminder that we will be closed for business for an extended 4th of July weekend. Family is important for us at Keeley Krackerz. I know my family plans to enjoy the time we will have together because of this holiday, and I hope yours does too. But democracy is also important to us, from our line of democratically-elected Stuffed Keeley Krackerz fillings to our democratically elected dress code. That makes this holiday off of special significance for us, and we hope you will indulge us as we enjoy the time off. We will be closed from the 4th to the 8th, and will be back at it Monday the 9th.

If you found this message while trying to contact us during this period, know that we will be back available for you soon! But hopefully this has not happened. We pushed to get a solid supply of Keeley Krackerz out to all of our local distributors, and this should last well through the weekend.

We look forward to being here as your hard-working, family-centered cracker company in the weeks and years to come. Thank you.

Sean Keeley

Today’s Assignment: Business Blogging

Hi all,

This week’s assignment is about blogging for a business or organization. We’re having a little fun with Keeley Krackerz, Professor Keeley’s delicious new fictional product. The part I am having fun thinking of are properties of the fake product, since I can basically say whatever. Not always so with a real product. Keeley Krackerz are, quote, “Ritz-like crackers that [are] geared towards families.” For the rest it is up to me.

There are two posts to do. One is a fun post, not directly promotion. So just the sort of post you would put up to show people you are still there, living a life, being human, not directly trying to sell the product, but instead part of being a brand, a blog, and a person. As a small, local business (Keeley Krackerz is now a small, local business… see what I did there?), showing this side of the business would be a constant, conscious effort. Which would hopefully be effortless. However, this might be the harder one to write for a fake business. I think I will go with a Happy 4th of July post, to show the company taking time off and enjoying the holiday, and wishing everyone a similar experience.

The second post to do is a “Product in Action” post, something that can be a pillar of the site, but which is meanwhile promotional. This is a post about the crackers. Krackerz. For this, I led by thinking about the pictures I could do with it. I found I had some new Ritz Crackerfuls around, and would like to thank them for some inspiration. So the new product is Stuffed Keeley Krackerz. I was thinking a top-ten list of reasons to eat these crackers (krackerz), which can include facts about the product (fake as those facts are), as well as promote the business in general, like it’s small, local business-ness.

Meanwhile, my 4th of July week has been crazy, so this is all due within an hour! So watch me write! Actually, you can’t, but it’s all gonna happen pretty quick here. Hmmm, not something you normally tell the professor. Right! This was all done days ago, Professor Keeley! We would never procrastinate at Keeley Krackerz!

Recall on Syracreamsicle

Hello Salt City Ice Cream fans! My name is David, and I am the new blogger for your favorite Ice Cream. However, just because I am new, does not mean that this is a prank they are pulling on me here in the office. The news I have to give is quite serious.

It has come to our attention that some of our Syracreamsicle Orange Ice Cream may be infected with salmonella. If you have purchased a pint of Syracreamsicle recently, you should return it to the store for a full refund. This is the only flavor of ice cream that may have any problems.

We are taking this issue very seriously. If you have any concerns, please contact us at 315-555-1337, or customerservice@saltcityicecream.com. Also, check for the latest news in this case here at saltcityicecream.com. We are not sure where in our process this could have happened, and the recall will help us identify a source, if any, and to make all changes necessary to ensure this does not happen again.

So how do you know if you have salmonella poisoning? Check out these helpful answers on WebMD. If you believe you have eaten contaminated ice cream, please take all necessary actions. However, we believe our recall efforts should avoid any public exposure. Thank you for your continuing business, and rest assured we are doing everything we can to make sure this never happens again.

(Disclaimer: This is part of an assignment about Crisis Blogging. The blog and its author make no actual claims about being a blog dedicated to Salt City Ice Cream, which hopefully is not a real company so that we’re not messing with anyone’s life! If this were a real emergency, please check the CDC, which has information on outbreaks like salmonella or the Zombie Apocalypse. The unfortunate side of this all is I have not landed a job as a professional blogger…)

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