Welcome to the Lake Onondaga Vineyard blog!

Hello! My name is David Cox, and I am the new blogger for the Lake Onondaga Vineyard. I have a Masters from the Syracuse University School of Information Studies, which has me well versed and ready to do some blogging.

But what do I know about wine?

It’s a good question, and I am glad you asked. The answer is that I am no connoisseur, but that I definitely enjoy it. So I have two main goals in the blog: to let you know specific things about the Lake Onondaga Vineyards, and then to give you insight into my learning process about wines and vineyards. Allow me to tell you a little more about each of these things. Read more of this post

Finals Week!

This week is finals week! Stayed tuned for me showing some honed blogging skills, posting a number of things for a not-quite-so-real business. We have the option of a few, and I have wine at home, so I am thinking the vineyard option.

I also paid to add storage space and audio availability on the site, so I am going to podcast a tiny bit with it, I think. Or at least, post some audio, whatever that amounts to if not a podcast.

Of course, doing audio poses a bit of a challenge. It does not, in and of itself, leave any text for a search engine to pull. And posting a full transcript seems to defeat the purpose.

On the flip side, I don’t know that I have the video-editing skills to do very much fun with a video. And apparently I may not have the self control to do a short video… sorry about my 15 minute interview….

One of the suggestions is also Prezi, which I had not heard of before. Looks like an interesting online presentation creator and editor. Maybe I could combine audio with something fun on there? I will have to explore.

Finally, one of our posts is a proposal to an online sales team. I think I am going to write that in the format of a memo, rather than a blog post. Seems appropriate.

So yeah, hoping to try some new things, tweak some skills I have used, use way more tech, and see what we can’t pull off! Also, may end up tasting some of the product…


Emerging Trends in Blogging

Blogging itself was a new form of communication not too long ago, although in many ways not that different from what came before, from news articles, to editorials, to LiveJournals, and message boards. What has been coming on the scene feels different, but is similar too. Microblogging, and blogging as social media, is where things seem to be going at the moment.

What can this blog, as a blog about writing and blogging, do to keep up with this? What does the future of this blog look like? Read more of this post

My Blogging Statistics

This week’s assignment brings us to something I have been thinking about and looking at already: Blog Statistics.

Every time I think about blog statistics, I go back to the layout for the site. For instance, I felt like I didn’t feel like the recent posts gave people a good explanation of what was going on, and so I made the “About” page into the home page of the site. Then I watched the stats, saw that the most viewed page was just the home page, and realized that it left very few options for exploring the site content. So I went back to the post layout.

Then, I kept trying to find a way to show more of the post content, and have finally, in thinking about stats now, changed my theme. Much more like I wanted it to work. Although still, not quite like some blogs I read, where there is a break, and people have to click through. This also allows them to take things like top tens and break them into ten or eleven individual pages, increasing page views, but also making each bit shorter and less likely to get the ol’ “tl;dr” response.

So what stats do I watch the most? And more importantly, which should I watch the most? That is the question. You know, for the week. If I knew how to make it break, this is where I would! Read on, loyal reader! Read more of this post

Apple RFP Response

Dear Sirs and Madams,

We here at DBCOX would like to thank you for considering us as a blog on which to advertise. You have requested a proposal as to how our businesses intersect, and how we can benefit you. I hope you will not be disappointed. Read more of this post

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