A Year and a Half of Comparative Geeks! (The Sunday Re-Blog)

This last week was the 18-month mark for Comparative Geeks! I did some more reflecting on some of the new top posts – as well as some of the posts that could use some more love. It was interesting to look at both segments!

Comparative Geeks

I like enjoying these small milestones, to remember how much we have accomplished in this time! 475 posts, and consistently posting 6 posts a week, has been a lot of work, and very rewarding. Thank you to all of you, our readers and commenters and followers and friends.

Last year at the six-month mark, I did a post highlighting our top posts and topics thus far. Many of those posts are still top posts, because they keep getting search engine hits. However, we have a few new contenders top posts that I would like to highlight – beyond the Illuminati post I referenced the other day.

Then I thought I would share a few of the posts that have barely been touched. Sure, there’s a lot of those – and a lot of them make sense. There’s our failed Trailer Watch category – those never did well. And there are…

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One Month of Features – Stats!

As is my wont, now that I have experimented with something, it’s time to consider it! What has the blog looked like because of features? Let’s look at the stats!

Blog views for the past month, by day.

Blog views for the past month, by day.

Okay, so there have been daily visitors, with peaks for original content – the first one is Introducing Features, the next one is my first feature post, and then the big spike in later June is the Writing Process Blog Tour. The day with no views was 4th of July weekend, and was a day when I did not post anything. Since then, a few a day.

The other thing those stats show is that this is a really small blog – incredibly low view count in general. So having features has accomplished a few things. First, it’s given a reason for people to check out the site on a more consistent basis. But second, it has me actually creating and putting things here – the first step, really, to having more engagement in general with the blog. So really, I think these stats show the picture much better:

Average blog visitors per day.

Average blog visitors per day.

This shows that this really has been a pretty uneventful blog. Then I did the A to Z Challenge in April and that spiked things considerably! In an effort to not waste the connections formed during the challenge or the momentum gained, I think the features are a good way to keep this blog alive and moving forward! And the best thing to see is that, with features kicking in there in June, you can see that there is a more steady number of visitors per day than the blog has seen before – even if it’s only a handful of people per day!

One part of this also is that the posts are so short that people might be taking them in without visiting the site – which is fine! – but that means that some of the likes and views aren’t showing up in the stats, but people are still experiencing the content! I think this is just going to be an effect of photo blogging. In my experience already, there are posts that get interaction (likes) through the reader because of pictures – without generating views. At least with these, there isn’t any content being “missed” because of this effect!

Okay, so those are some of the quantitative aspects of what Features have done for the blog! Tomorrow, I’ll be considering some of the qualitative aspects – what have features done for me? What have people liked? These sorts of things! But for now, let me know what you think of the Features I’ve been doing! Have you been stopping by here more? What would you like to see? Let me know!

Taylor Grace, you continue to rock – The Sunday Re-Blog

I have to admit, part of why I am sharing this post is because the author, Gene’O, said it was his most-shared post. Just adding to that expansion…

A couple of lines of thought here. One is about watching, and stressing over, the blog stats. The other is about Canon and Canonization. I care about both things, making this a great post to think over.

My Former Blog

I just need to post again. Nothing else will do, and my friend Taylor Grace has the perfect thing for me to blog about. A post about what numbers do to the mind. Especially a writer’s mind. Here’s the lede:

I have to admit, I’ve done it. I stared at the blog stats until I knew the numbers by heart, then I would check and recheck. The blog became a live entity I needed to keep happy…and, well, I wasn’t miserable but it was close.

Here’ s the rest. Taylor’s post includes lots of good links – nearly all of her posts do. One of the reasons I love her blog so much is because she turns me on to things I would never see otherwise.

I’ve been right there – looking at those numbers, checking and rechecking, and it wasn’t that long ago. You can measure it in…

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My Blogging Statistics

This week’s assignment brings us to something I have been thinking about and looking at already: Blog Statistics.

Every time I think about blog statistics, I go back to the layout for the site. For instance, I felt like I didn’t feel like the recent posts gave people a good explanation of what was going on, and so I made the “About” page into the home page of the site. Then I watched the stats, saw that the most viewed page was just the home page, and realized that it left very few options for exploring the site content. So I went back to the post layout.

Then, I kept trying to find a way to show more of the post content, and have finally, in thinking about stats now, changed my theme. Much more like I wanted it to work. Although still, not quite like some blogs I read, where there is a break, and people have to click through. This also allows them to take things like top tens and break them into ten or eleven individual pages, increasing page views, but also making each bit shorter and less likely to get the ol’ “tl;dr” response.

So what stats do I watch the most? And more importantly, which should I watch the most? That is the question. You know, for the week. If I knew how to make it break, this is where I would! Read on, loyal reader! Read more of this post

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