Apple RFP Response

Dear Sirs and Madams,

We here at DBCOX would like to thank you for considering us as a blog on which to advertise. You have requested a proposal as to how our businesses intersect, and how we can benefit you. I hope you will not be disappointed.

DBCOX is a blog about writing, and are an office that runs on Apple products. From the MacBook Pro I am currently writing on, to the AppleTV currently streaming music, we are operating an Apple-friendly operation. As such, here are some ideas we have that would be a natural tie-in with your products:

  • Review Posts: We already have a number of Apple products. We can write reviews of these products, and discuss our decision process. For instance, when we bought our AppleTV, we compared it to the competition – and in fact dropped NetFlix in place of the AppleTV. This sort of exploration would be something we could quite naturally blog about.
  • Pro/Con Posts: Similar perhaps to our reviews, we can blog about our considerations of other Apple products. For instance, we are considering getting iPads for everyone. However, we are building both the Pros and Cons of getting one at all – what is the need for such a product? – but also are then considering which of the product offerings best match our needs. In listing as such, we can discuss our thoughts about who would be most likely to need or use different options, such as 3G versus Wifi options.
  • App Use Reviews: From blogging apps such as the WordPress App, to Mac Apps like Scrivener, we can review why having multiple Apple products enhances your ability to use some of these Apps, and the advantage these products have to non-Apple alternatives. For instance, Pages documents carrying over between the Mac and iPhone (and possible future iPad) is a strong advantage, for always being able to carry a document with you in a useable form.

So this sounds exciting, right? We are excited about the possibilities. We can also carry some of these reviews into the reviewer space on the App Store or Apple Store online, carrying our readership and expertise through to that space. However, here at the blog, what advertising opportunities are there? Well, let’s explore a few.

  • Banners: We have some real estate available on the blog for banner ads, both a Leaderboard at the top of the page, and then in the columns. We are open to either CPC or CPM advertising here, although banners in general are our least favorite idea for advertising on the site. Let’s looks at some other thoughts.
  • Affiliate: As we talk about Apple products, an affiliate program would be a natural way for us to link through to the Apple Store for people to buy what we have discussed – and maybe more! After all, accessories, AppleCare, and more are all part of owning computing hardware, and that’s all before we consider the App Store. Or better yet, as we explore books and writing, linking straight in to the iBooks store.
  • Sponsorship: Let’s face it, the solid blue on sides of the blog could definitely be used with a sponsor’s help. Beyond anything a banner could do, including everything an affiliate could offer, a sponsorship for the blog could really tie in the writing discussions here on DBCOX with the Apple products that help enable the writing to happen. When people think of the need for a Mac, they think of music or video work, but other creative work like writing is better done with Apple products as well – and this is a discussion that we would join in with and help lead here on the blog, making it a natural place for you to sponsor.

These are some of the many things we can discuss, and ways we can work together. Therefore, we see a strong ability for a small, or better yet a large, partnership between our businesses. Let us be a voice to a new community, to get them thinking that Apple is the right product for their needs too.




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One Response to Apple RFP Response

  1. dbcox says:

    Sadly, this is part of an assignment that I introduced here:

    However: Apple, if you’re listening, this could be a thing.


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