Monetizing a Blog

This week’s lesson is on monetizing a blog; that is, making money with the blog. Does not sound easy.

Before pretty much any means of making money makes sense, there must be a pretty significant reader base. Whether that is to see ads and click through them, or to buy merchandise, or what have you.

The most interesting was the affiliate program, which could combine things that your readers were contemplating getting anyway, or did not know they needed, or did not know existed – and then, when they click through and purchase them, you also make money. However, the fact that companies like Amazon pay you based on whatever they buy when they click through from your site – that is pretty excellent. I know I pad most any Amazon order I get that is too small: add something from my wish list to get free shipping.

Yes, that gets me funny looks from my wife sometimes. But think of the savings from that money I just spent!…

So, the assignment this week is to respond to a Request for Proposal for Apple as a potential sponsor. With the writing angle of the blog, and the fact that I have many, many an Apple product now lining my house, I can think of a number of things I would propose. Enough so that I am almost a little sad that this is not actually happening.


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