Internship: Done! Now what?

Hello dear readers!

I have completed my Internship in Library Science, and am pretty proud of the final product. I built the base of a virtual collection of materials about the Treadwell Mines here in the Juneau area, and it now looks pretty excellent. You’re welcome to check it out and give me feedback in the comments below!

Meanwhile, that means I am trying to get back to the rest of everything in my life, because I am now done with my Master’s in Library and Information Science! So I have some things I want to talk about, things I want to explore, so let me lay out some of what’s on my mind! Read more of this post


Monetizing a Blog

This week’s lesson is on monetizing a blog; that is, making money with the blog. Does not sound easy.

Before pretty much any means of making money makes sense, there must be a pretty significant reader base. Whether that is to see ads and click through them, or to buy merchandise, or what have you. Read more of this post

Funding Fun!

So while discussing funding troubles in libraries and such in class, and also with my group, I had an interesting thought. It piggy-backed somewhat on the professor’s only half-joking idea: put slot machines in libraries. Funding, it gets people into the library, all good things. Well, okay, they’re noisy, but librarians are less concerned about noise these days than in the past… And the other problem, addiction, was as the professor said no problem at all: what in the library isn’t addictive? Books? Movies? Music? The Internet? I’m sure we could find a really boring book, but still, it is a point. By no means a bulletproof argument, but a point.

My idea, however, was laundry machines in a library. Those things must make money (I mean, they charge how much???), and it would give people something to do while doing laundry. Funding… gets people in the library… check, check. The downsides are unfortunately case-by-case: space restraints and security. You want them somewhere where you’re not worried about flooding books and electronics, after all. And people aren’t going to use them if they are scared for their clothes – much as I don’t use the laundry machines in my apartment complex. But a laundry room, with some nearby computers with headphones, for maybe a movie or some music, and some seats for reading in, could be a great combination.

IST 511 – Day 5

This was hand-crafted in JFK on Saturday, but the WiFi in my wing did not work so well. Here we go!

So Friday was our poster session, which we did in the style of a conference poster session. Lots of topics, lots of people passing through with passing curiosity. Our main focus was to tackle a topic that is contentious for librarians – there are plenty of controversies on which librarians agree for the most part, after all. You can find Harry Potter on the shelves, right?

Our poster began as a search into controversial forms of funding libraries. After all, the American Library Association is against charging fees of any kind – to the point of being against overdue fines. Charging for services discriminates against those who cannot pay, and discourages those who can. Or so goes the argument. So what did we find? Read more of this post

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