Now that I’m a member of the ALA…

I’ve had some comments about the term “hipster librarian” so I guess I should post the source of that phrase…

IST 511 – Day 5

This was hand-crafted in JFK on Saturday, but the WiFi in my wing did not work so well. Here we go!

So Friday was our poster session, which we did in the style of a conference poster session. Lots of topics, lots of people passing through with passing curiosity. Our main focus was to tackle a topic that is contentious for librarians – there are plenty of controversies on which librarians agree for the most part, after all. You can find Harry Potter on the shelves, right?

Our poster began as a search into controversial forms of funding libraries. After all, the American Library Association is against charging fees of any kind – to the point of being against overdue fines. Charging for services discriminates against those who cannot pay, and discourages those who can. Or so goes the argument. So what did we find? Read more of this post


IST 511 – Day 1

So day one of class went well, let’s go with a couple of highlights!

    • The speakers had done some really influential and amazing things. One of them especially, who helped start the first literacy listserve! From there, and with its success, she ended up testifying before Congress that the internet was an excellent tool for learning, and now we have libraries wired across the country.
    • We started a group project, which may lead to us being funded to take our poster presentation to next year’s ALA conference! Motivation and competition, here we go!… Good group, great ideas, we’re hoping we get to move forward with our first choice today.

Speaking of today, I’d better go get some coffee and get to class!

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