Finals Week!

This week is finals week! Stayed tuned for me showing some honed blogging skills, posting a number of things for a not-quite-so-real business. We have the option of a few, and I have wine at home, so I am thinking the vineyard option.

I also paid to add storage space and audio availability on the site, so I am going to podcast a tiny bit with it, I think. Or at least, post some audio, whatever that amounts to if not a podcast.

Of course, doing audio poses a bit of a challenge. It does not, in and of itself, leave any text for a search engine to pull. And posting a full transcript seems to defeat the purpose.

On the flip side, I don’t know that I have the video-editing skills to do very much fun with a video. And apparently I may not have the self control to do a short video… sorry about my 15 minute interview….

One of the suggestions is also Prezi, which I had not heard of before. Looks like an interesting online presentation creator and editor. Maybe I could combine audio with something fun on there? I will have to explore.

Finally, one of our posts is a proposal to an online sales team. I think I am going to write that in the format of a memo, rather than a blog post. Seems appropriate.

So yeah, hoping to try some new things, tweak some skills I have used, use way more tech, and see what we can’t pull off! Also, may end up tasting some of the product…



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