Building a Blogging Community Through Social Media – With Examples

Let’s face it, as much fun as it is to write, and to blog, and to think about the fact that your ideas are public, published, out there… you want readers too. Readers who enjoy what you write, or interact with what you write, or share what you write… or even better, all of the above.

Through the social aspects of blogging, how it works, and realizing we should do for other bloggers what we want done for us… the best followers you will have on a blog are likely going to be other bloggers. With a WordPress blog, for instance, it’s people with WordPress accounts who can “like” your post… who can follow your blog with a click of a button, and then read your posts in their WordPress reader. WordPress – like other blogging communities, like Tumblr – does a great job of letting you connect and share with other bloggers.

So last week I blogged about how I am considering some changes on Comparative Geeks and while informational and data changes like I proposed and discussed can do a bit to network better with other WordPress blogs, there are more channels out there we need to hit as well, and which have different sorts of purposes and users. Though also of course a lot of overlap! But let me look through the Social Media avenues we are using, or considering, to look at some folks I see doing this well, and how we might use it in the future.

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Asking Questions on the Internet

Hello, Internet.

I am here today to discuss the Internet. And how sometimes, it can be a lonely, empty place.

One of the ways to tell how you are doing with a blog is getting comments. After all, it’s one thing to write stuff. Another to be followed, or liked. And yet another to have someone add and combine their thoughts to yours, to join in the discussion.

One of the main ways that we might incite this sort of a response is by writing a question. After all, the question begs an answer, right?

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New Blog – Week 3

So we’re into week three of my new blog, and I would say things are doing pretty well. We have had some pretty good readership, some good google-search finds, and have moved into some new social media areas. So let me explore those!

Like what you see? Follow, like, +1, subscribe, all that jazz!

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Wines of the World: Sandhill Crane Vineyard

This time in our segment Wines of the World, I talk about our trip to the Sandhill Crane Vineyards. They do a free tasting that we really recommend, but you should watch to find out more!

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