Wordless Wednesday 31

Xena for President


Standing at a Crossroads

Here at DBCII, I have been working my way towards doing more fiction writing – like I’ve discussed in posts like this last Six Word Saturday. Doing more than just blogging; the blogging served a purpose of getting me writing again and frequently, made writing part of my daily routine. But the blogging is both an outlet and a means to an end – but it is not the goal itself.

Meanwhile, on Comparative Geeks I have been considering one of our ongoing features, Science Fiction Today. As I discussed in posts like my year-and-a-half recap, I have been giving this feature or category a lot of thought. I have a ton of ideas of topics to cover, and thoughts on how to approach them or at least get started. And the question is, do I just work this into the flow on Comparative Geeks? Or do something more with it? Read more of this post

The Sunday Re-Blog – Science Fiction Today – Federal Budget Cuts and Transportation

So I think I’ve found a way to talk about one of my favorite things – political problems today, and how science fiction can provide us the answers. And, as I said I would be re-blogging on Sundays, I give you the first of my Science Fiction Today posts, back when the sequester was looming and I was thinking about the implications for us vacationing right afterwards. Which got me thinking more generally about transportation in the future. Anyway… enjoy!

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Asking Questions on the Internet

Hello, Internet.

I am here today to discuss the Internet. And how sometimes, it can be a lonely, empty place.

One of the ways to tell how you are doing with a blog is getting comments. After all, it’s one thing to write stuff. Another to be followed, or liked. And yet another to have someone add and combine their thoughts to yours, to join in the discussion.

One of the main ways that we might incite this sort of a response is by writing a question. After all, the question begs an answer, right?

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Need Your Help

Hi all,

I am reminded of the things I have learned so far about blogging and community. I have a bit of one here. I just started a Tumblr – and have none there. Like, literally none.

But what do I do? I go and ask a question. Which no one has answered. And which I actually kind of would like other peoples’ thoughts on.

I shared on Facebook, no answer. I shared on Twitter, no answer.

Maybe no one has an answer. That’s fair. Or really scary, actually.

But I thought I would ask here.

The short version of the question? What would science fiction written by the presidential candidates – or their parties – look like? In other worlds, what is the future world that they are hoping to build?

See the full version, and feel free to answer with your thoughts, here. Or leave a comment below.

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