Six Word Saturday 1


Here’s my first Six Word Saturday! I have started posting some #sixwordstory stories to my Twitter (@dbc_ii), to see what I like for Saturday when it rolls around!

In some ways, this one felt like cheating: by adding the Twitter hashtag, I was giving you a way to think about the six word story that might be considered to be breaking the rules of said story. It’s a seventh word. It’s a concept. A genre. #zombies.

However, this one was also interesting, in that it almost immediately got noticed and shared by a feed that’s just watching for stuff that is tagged #zombies. So I thought that was fun and worth sharing.

Want to see more #sixwordstory? Follow me on Twitter or check back next Saturday for more Six Word Saturday! Want to join in? I am not alone in using #sixwordstory; there’s a lot of different types of stories being told!

Need Your Help

Hi all,

I am reminded of the things I have learned so far about blogging and community. I have a bit of one here. I just started a Tumblr – and have none there. Like, literally none.

But what do I do? I go and ask a question. Which no one has answered. And which I actually kind of would like other peoples’ thoughts on.

I shared on Facebook, no answer. I shared on Twitter, no answer.

Maybe no one has an answer. That’s fair. Or really scary, actually.

But I thought I would ask here.

The short version of the question? What would science fiction written by the presidential candidates – or their parties – look like? In other worlds, what is the future world that they are hoping to build?

See the full version, and feel free to answer with your thoughts, here. Or leave a comment below.

Recall on Syracreamsicle

Hello Salt City Ice Cream fans! My name is David, and I am the new blogger for your favorite Ice Cream. However, just because I am new, does not mean that this is a prank they are pulling on me here in the office. The news I have to give is quite serious.

It has come to our attention that some of our Syracreamsicle Orange Ice Cream may be infected with salmonella. If you have purchased a pint of Syracreamsicle recently, you should return it to the store for a full refund. This is the only flavor of ice cream that may have any problems.

We are taking this issue very seriously. If you have any concerns, please contact us at 315-555-1337, or Also, check for the latest news in this case here at We are not sure where in our process this could have happened, and the recall will help us identify a source, if any, and to make all changes necessary to ensure this does not happen again.

So how do you know if you have salmonella poisoning? Check out these helpful answers on WebMD. If you believe you have eaten contaminated ice cream, please take all necessary actions. However, we believe our recall efforts should avoid any public exposure. Thank you for your continuing business, and rest assured we are doing everything we can to make sure this never happens again.

(Disclaimer: This is part of an assignment about Crisis Blogging. The blog and its author make no actual claims about being a blog dedicated to Salt City Ice Cream, which hopefully is not a real company so that we’re not messing with anyone’s life! If this were a real emergency, please check the CDC, which has information on outbreaks like salmonella or the Zombie Apocalypse. The unfortunate side of this all is I have not landed a job as a professional blogger…)

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