New Blog – Week 3

So we’re into week three of my new blog, and I would say things are doing pretty well. We have had some pretty good readership, some good google-search finds, and have moved into some new social media areas. So let me explore those!

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Facebook Page

My goal coming out of last week was to get a Facebook page going. We had some content, and when we had shared with our Facebook selves, we got readership from the people we know. Like you, reader. Maybe.

Anyway, it was time to make a space where people could like us and get updates. Because not everyone uses an RSS reader. Not everyone is on Word Press to click follow. But just about everyone is on Facebook, and it’s a way to get our posts to this following community.

So something neat, as we set the page up, is that I could post all of our blog posts so far, and change the date to put them into the past. This gives some continuity to the blog and Facebook page in combination. However, this does not necessarily work, as these posts don’t do much for us, and don’t really have any likes or shares or anything going on with them. Ah well. A new finder, someday, will get something out of this, I hope.

So something I am still working on figuring out is liking and sharing things as the Facebook page versus as myself. This is one of the main ways for the page to exist as a Facebook space, and not just as a front for the blog. Which mainly is what it is, but as I learned in my blogging class, you want each space to exist as something similar to other things on that space. So, retweeting with Twitter, sharing and liking with Facebook, +1ing with Google+. These sorts of things. Still working on how to make sure I am in the right computer space to do that, so I don’t go around liking things as myself when I mean to be the page.


So I had set up the raw basics of a Google+ page, when I set up a new email specifically for the blog and Twitter and such. This has been nice, to have an email separate from my personal email, and which is entirely blog info. I use a separate browser for blog stuff, so I can have blog email, Twitter, the blog, blog Facebook… all these things open at once and separate from my personal stuff, and not logging in and out all the time, or crossing wires and posting as the wrong entity.

So, I realized that our gaming group is mainly on Google+, and that they might be interested in the blog as well. So, I beefed up my Google+ profile, added info, pictures, the works, and then reached out to friends. I have not worked all the posts in as a backlog there, but have linked a few so far, and will keep going.


So I was thinking, if I am setting up a Google+, what about a YouTube channel? Both of these things being from Google means they can tie straight together. Of course, it also means I could probably tie a third product – Blogger – right in as well. But we’re already on Word Press, and doing well there, so it’s okay. Also, I could tie in Google Reader, I guess, but I have started using Word Press Reader, and it’s pretty excellent.

So, I have posted a couple of my videos I have created over time… a couple of old AMVs (anime music videos), and one got kind of blocked on YouTube! Because of the music. How do other videos like this stay up? I wonder. Anyway. I decided I would try a video myself, having done a couple for my blogging class.

I did the video as a call for help, asking for input from watchers. And so far, it has not led to much response. Does this mean no one is watching it? Possibly. I made the mistake of posting it in the morning: when people are maybe looking at things real quick on their phones, or at work. But not when they are watching a 4-minute YouTube video, you know?

So I will include it here, as a concluding thought. What do you think? How did I do? Was it worth it, or a good idea to do? Should I have just written it? You tell me.


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