New Blog: Week 2

So much I want to write about, but most of my effort has been going towards my new blog. We are meeting our post-a-day-six-days-a-week goal, although some have been a bit late. Been hard to build some backlog like I wanted to – more thoughts on this to come! But what are my blogging lessons from week 2?

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook

After week one, with a bit of content and intros on the site – and after deciding we were enjoying what we were doing and wanted to keep at it – we decided that we would inform some people we know about the blog. First some texts and emails to friends and family, and when they didn’t flip out, posting generally to our personal Facebook pages. What ensued was, in one day, the largest reading day I have yet had on a blog – more views than this blog has seen in one day, though not by a ton. But still, decent.

However, our strongest likes and follows on the blog, and most comments, are still coming from other bloggers. Some of this is just the life of WordPress, and how you comment and follow and these sorts of things. However, some of it is how people want to interact with things. And if we clearly know people who might be interested in reading, but don’t naturally live on WordPress as their space, then we should bring the blog to them.

And that means a Facebook page, and a Facebook page means comfort. Or some such. So that’s my next task!

Building some back-up posts

It’s been hard so far to get ahead and write more than the next post. In some ways, that works, because it keeps things timely. However, we’re not running a news blog. A few things we want to be timely. For instance, Trailer Watch should be timely. A lot of posts, like my Top Video Game Duels? Lists posts and such like this could be written in advance and saved for later – for a day when writer’s block hits, or life fills the day with other things.

It’s easy to put a lot of time into list posts, though, too. Choosing, adding pictures, videos, these sorts of things. It makes me want to make it live, after the work I put in. But there is time enough in the future, and reason enough to keep the blog going then.

Also, my wife is getting more reads than I am right now – so I need to get on it and write some more thoughtful posts!

One More Thing…

Final thought: My favorite author had a stroke, here’s how you can read some of his work and help him at the same time:


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