New Blog: Week 1

This week, my wife and I finally started the blog we have been talking about (check us out here). This is a perfect opportunity to sit back, contemplate, cogitate, and commentate on our experience as we go.

One thing I finally figured out: How to create a break where you click through to the rest of the post!

Naming a Blog!

Something we ran into in the blogging class I took was that naming a blog should match the domain of the blog. Which was awkward when we were reading this once we had already started our blogs! So this time, I had a chance. Because you want a name, a domain, and then a tie-in with the rest of social media to create a brand and alias.

So we did that.

Thus, Comparative Geeks, a place where we feel it is cool to do reviews, compare things, talk about things back and forth, and it all seems like it fits the name and purpose. We can talk about all sorts of things, from a broad reach of culture, and it fits. And so we each set up a Twitter account to go with, which necessitated a new email address which now also matches the blog. Science!

Building a Community: Reaching out with social media

So far really what we have done is follow other people through social media. However, it is a great feeling for each person who has followed us. I have started using this Twitter in a very different way from my first one, as well. My first (and personal?) Twitter is all about me as a person, as a writer. I have followed a lot of writers and writing groups, celebrities I like, these sorts of things. I make references to things I like. I quote geeky things. With our new Twitters, my wife and I have done more retweeting, followed a different sort of account (more news sources), and are trying to tweet each of our posts.

We plan on eventually doing some work with Google+ and making a Facebook page, so there’s more outreach to do. We also have linked in our Good Reads accounts, which we have both just started. More to come on these platforms!

Types of Posts: Keeping up some content

We plan on updating here at first at least once a day, six days a week. Three apiece. Not too bad, right? We’ve come up with a couple of recurring post topics:

  • Trailer Watch: In Trailer Watch, we plan on keeping up-to-date on trailers, something we do anyway. But we get to share that passion and joy with others! I love trailers, and love thinking about how they try to both reveal the story and obscure what happens in the story. Not an easy task, when you get down to it. Oh, and they end with a joke.
  • LitFlix: In LitFlix, we plan on reading the source material before movies – and then reviewing and comparing afterwards. This is something we often do, or think about doing, or try to do, and this is a great chance to hold ourselves to it – because now the Internet is expecting it! My wife plans on hitting all of the books, and I will join her in some of them. I plan on hitting all of the comics before the movies, some of which don’t come directly from material so I am improvising (check out my plans for that here).

We’re past the introductions, so… now what?

We put up several introductory posts, introducing our post topics and recurring themes… Now we’re having to come up with what to write as actual content posts. We really kind of only want no more than one Trailer Watch or LitFlix a week. So beyond that, we need some solid posts. We’re going to get philosophical. We’re going to do reviews. But… what first? Read it to find out!


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Co-founder, editor, podcaster, web comicer, forum moderator, and writer for Comparative Geeks. Father, husband, geek, nerd, gamer, librarian, Christian, Libertarian, Science Fiction philosopher, and probably a number of other descriptors.

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