What’s Your White Noise?

This week, my wife was out of town for work, and that reminded me very starkly to think about what my white noise is. I work best with music. This probably isn’t surprising, given my series on music I’m writing over on Sourcerer.

My wife’s white noise, on the other hand, is TV on in the background. When really needing to work, she tends to like something she’s seen before. However, even when it’s something I’ve seen before, I tend to get more sucked in, and pay more attention.

Nonetheless, while my wife was gone, I have been watching TV in the background while I write and work around the house. And while I’ve gotten practice at writing with the TV on, as I watched the hours fly by, I realized that I probably still do not treat it as white noise.

This is a good thing to remember. While watching TV works just fine for blogging, as I work on adding more writing to my life, I think it’s good plan on doing some of this writing in the optimum conditions: to write with music!

What is your white noise? What do you like to have going while you write? Let me know in the comments below!


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7 Responses to What’s Your White Noise?

  1. My white noise is opera music. I think I write faster when I hear Le Mis or Phantom of the opera!

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  2. My white noise can be music (I have a thing for Star Wars Episode IV Throne Room and Finale by John Williams anytime I’m finishing a big project since I was in my first MA degree) or TV/movies.

    Since a surgery end of 2011, I can’t watch TV while doing nothing else for a long time, so that’s why multitasking is love. I do most of my TV watching while working, regardless whether blogging, academic writing or other things.

    It tends to keep my brain alter (and of course feed even more muses, but that’s another story).

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    • I can multitask pretty well, but it’s not me at my most efficient. Especially not with something new and writing!

      I feel like a specific question about people’s favorite things to listen to while writing would be a good question… I may just have to ask that sometime!


  3. hannahgivens says:

    Yep, I’m a TV person too, but it has to be something I’ve seen a zillion times or I’ll just -watch- it and not get anything done. On the other hand, I generally have to have my computer while watching TV, and I’ll get distracted with work and not see any of my show. So, I keep a list of “things to do while watching TV” and then “TV to watch while I’m doing stuff,” and they don’t overlap much.

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