Call to Action – Local Board Game Con! (Re-Blog)

Hi all!

I wanted to push this a little bit to get input. I’ve been asked to help with starting up a board gaming convention here in town, and was hoping for success or horror stories, advice and thoughts!

I’ll likely be blogging more about it as it gets closer, but for now, share your thoughts and stories at the post below:

Call to Action – Local Board Game Con!.


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4 Responses to Call to Action – Local Board Game Con! (Re-Blog)

  1. Sourcerer says:

    This is my first round of check-ins.

    Got a bunch of blogs bookmarked so I can open them all at once twice a week and see what they’re up to.

    Actually, though, just followed you here by email. That makes more sense for now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happens. I far prefer following through WordPress… following by email just fills up your email box.

      I keep trying to put together a set of links to blogs to check out. I made one during A to Z Challenge, but it got huge, and my browser yells at me before opening it… and then proceeds to take forever. Too many.

      Will have to think about a new strategy!


      • Sourcerer says:

        I don’t follow many by email. Half a dozen. ones that posts infrequently – twice a week or less. Saves time loading the pages to see if there’s something new.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I am wanting more content here, and as I get my contributions to Sourcerer under control, I have some thoughts on features.

          Might steal some of yours, will see… planning post to come soon!


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