Redesign again… help me put a new face on DBCII!

Hello! It’s been a while. As I mentioned, it was time to move the Weekend Coffee Share posts over to Comparative Geeks, where they have been going well. And I moved the photo blogging to Instagram, where I’m already up to 115 followers – and where I am working on a sketch a day for October.

So then the hard decision kept coming up here on WordPress: to renew or not renew my domain here for DBCII. I finally went ahead and did, but that means this needs a purpose. So that means a redesign.

The thing that makes the most sense is an e-portfolio or personal website. So the blog archives will stay, but will not be an obvious part of the design. At least, that’s the thought. As such, I’m playing around with this as the simple layout:

IA DBCII e-portfolio

I have been using a wireframe like this to consider web design for a while. The Information Architecture class I took in my library science degree really has come in handy! 

What do you think? There are some items that I could showcase that I am not here. Instead, there’s a lot of dreaming and hoping here. I can tuck that away and leave the finished and ongoing projects. Does this make sense and look good? Anything you think I am leaving out for it to be an e-portfolio? Let me know in the comments!


Options for adding Advertising to a Blog

Recently I was saying I want to do some redesign and cleanup on Comparative Geeks. A major reason why is that we are considering doing this sort of work is because we are thinking about taking our now year-old blog and making it more our own. Registering a real, paid domain. Adding advertising to make a little money from the blog – maybe enough to cover the domain cost? Or how about all the various media that we consume to talk about on the blog?

So I am going to consider some of the things we are going through in our consideration process, for moving towards making a little money with the blog. There are other, major considerations – such as, blogging consistently, and having content, and readers, and commenters. Building a community, and delivering consistently. I’d like to think we at least have the solid start to this. I talked about a lot of what we’ve done with community building recently as well.

So I have done some research, and it’s told me that I likely don’t have good answers for you. So instead, I have links and my thoughts, on adding advertising to a blog.

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Merging My Two Blogs

I have been thinking about trying to combine my current blog here, with my first blog I made for an earlier class. My biggest issue? I want my domain name back:!

I found some answers:

So now I have to figure it out. If I merge this blog onto the one with the domain I want, I can get the domain, but I lose the settings and things I have set up here. I can set up the WordPress redirect to get people there from here…

Or… I could merge the other onto this blog… but then, the domain?

Or… I could delete the other… create a new one… set up some settings… transfer over…

So things have to be easier than that. Finally, I found this and I think I see what needs to happen. Export the old blog… import it here… delete the old blog… change the blog address here.

I think it’s time to do so – reclaim my brand, so to speak. Since it’s my initials. And I’m using it on Tumblr. And Twitter. And Facebook.

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