Time for a Rebuild

So I have been doing most of my blogging on my other blog, Comparative Geeks. And honestly, the schedule we have set up for ourselves has been great – we post three times a week each, my wife and I, and so I am writing much more often than I had been. Which feels at least a bit like the answer to the question of why a writer should have a blog.

So I could just write this one off and walk away, I suppose. But that’s not what I’m thinking. Because now that Comparative Geeks has traction and is off and running, it’s time to come back here. Because people are finding Comparative Geeks. With search engines, through WordPress, through Facebook and Twitter and Google+… the things I have learned have come together to a solid 20-30 views a day. Obviously, we would like to see that reach more, but that means more thinking and research and experimenting needs to happen… and that’s what this blog is for.

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More Changes I Plan On

So, if I am going with my initials as my identity on the blog, I think it needs more of a personal touch. Also, as I begin thinking about splitting my content, an identity forms here. Splitting between a Tumblr, with mainly writing and thoughts and such about writing… a WordPress here, which will be about writing, and geekery, and my thoughts… and my wife is working on starting a blog, and I will be contributing.

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Merging My Two Blogs

I have been thinking about trying to combine my current blog here, with my first blog I made for an earlier class. My biggest issue? I want my domain name back: dbcii.wordpress.com!

I found some answers:


So now I have to figure it out. If I merge this blog onto the one with the domain I want, I can get the domain, but I lose the settings and things I have set up here. I can set up the WordPress redirect to get people there from here…

Or… I could merge the other onto this blog… but then, the domain?

Or… I could delete the other… create a new one… set up some settings… transfer over…

So things have to be easier than that. Finally, I found this and I think I see what needs to happen. Export the old blog… import it here… delete the old blog… change the blog address here.

I think it’s time to do so – reclaim my brand, so to speak. Since it’s my initials. And I’m using it on Tumblr. And Twitter. And Facebook.

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