Merging My Two Blogs

I have been thinking about trying to combine my current blog here, with my first blog I made for an earlier class. My biggest issue? I want my domain name back:!

I found some answers:

So now I have to figure it out. If I merge this blog onto the one with the domain I want, I can get the domain, but I lose the settings and things I have set up here. I can set up the WordPress redirect to get people there from here…

Or… I could merge the other onto this blog… but then, the domain?

Or… I could delete the other… create a new one… set up some settings… transfer over…

So things have to be easier than that. Finally, I found this and I think I see what needs to happen. Export the old blog… import it here… delete the old blog… change the blog address here.

I think it’s time to do so – reclaim my brand, so to speak. Since it’s my initials. And I’m using it on Tumblr. And Twitter. And Facebook.


About CompGeeksDavid
Co-founder, editor, podcaster, web comicer, forum moderator, and writer for Comparative Geeks. Father, husband, geek, nerd, gamer, librarian, Christian, Libertarian, Science Fiction philosopher, and probably a number of other descriptors.

3 Responses to Merging My Two Blogs

  1. dbcox says:

    Import: done. Time to kill a blog.


  2. dbcox says:

    If I kill my old blog, I lose the domain forever. Okay… so I moved ownership. Then moved the content to a different domain. Now the domain I want is STILL a WordPress blog, now with the starter content. GAR!


  3. dbcox says:

    Success… now we’re at!


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