Naming a Blog

So, continuing thinking about blogs…

Week 2 Assignment
You have been tasked with starting a blog for three entities:
● A small bakery named Bill’s, located in Syracuse, that features cupcakes.
● Fang Films, a movie studio that focuses on horror films, most of which are released direct to DVD.
● Happy Pup Doggy Day Care, a new dog daycare business in Syracuse.

Bill’s bakery, featuring cupcakes, in Syracuse. Several dimensions to consider. First, the locality is an important aspect, because people outside of Syracuse are unlikely to care about the bakery, while you want to definitely catch the attention of people who are in Syracuse. Something like Bill’s Syracuse Bakery for a domain would be good, but this ends up being pretty long for a blog title. Featuring cupcakes is a second piece of identity that could be capitalized upon. However, what comes to mind is Bill’s Bakery & Cupcakes, which reduces down to BBC, which is kind of taken. So really, I am thinking that the locality should be the focus. Bill’s Syracuse… BS… I feel like a meme could be formed around this, or at least something mildly viral – something like “Nope! Chuck Testa.” I am thinking “That’s BS” – as in “That’s Bill’s Syracuse.” The domain is available. So you could have things like people saying “This is so delicious!” followed by a tongue-in-cheek “That’s BS.” Memorable, giving a catch phrase, an identity, and being evocative. And with an advertising scheme ready to go. Of course, this can easily be taken wrong, and may explode in Bill’s face… would definitely want his buy in.

For Fang Films, the domain name is more obvious. You’re going to go with (which is available), to keep the brand that is associated. Particularly with a specific genre like that, and a direct-to-DVD audience that likely would come back for more, keeping the brand a focus is important. As such, the blog name should probably match the brand as well, although just Fang Films as a blog name seems like it is doubling up too much. Fang Films Blog is a bit long, though descriptive. However, is available – and is descriptive and keeps the brand. I feel this is a solid fit, and easy to pitch.

And maybe it’s just me, but I have trouble even saying Happy Pup Doggy Day Care out loud – it is a tongue twister! And meanwhile, the long name does not include any of the location information about being in Syracuse. However, a play on a movie title is coming to mind – This is more memorable (and pronounceable) than the business name, tells you still that the work is pups, and the love part for a day care works. I might rename the business… but if past this point in the process, work with what is there. Losing the brand name is tough, but I think it can be worked past. Actually also, thinking of it, what would one be blogging on anyway with this business? I think the name works well with that – the logical sorts of things to blog about would be dogs and dog care in general, to show competency in the field. The site could potentially draw in people who never use the service, and people using the service may never interact with the blog. So having a bit of separation from the brand is not wholly detrimental.

Just my two cents! Hoping to get a chance to look over my classmates’ thoughts!


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