Building Sample Content

This week we are looking at what sorts of content blogs regularly post. Which means this is also prep for building our own content.

So three approaches:

  • First, one built on existing content. A newsflash: Amelia Earhart possible crash site found. Taking the angle of being an Amelia Earhart blog, break the news.
  • Second, a list post, listing something like a top ten, which is what I plan on doing. This can be on any topic. More on my topic in a second.
  • Third, a link post, giving connections to other information on the subject. This should be on the same topic as the last one, to approach the topic from a couple of angles.

I was thinking about “writing” as my topic, but my initial look shows that directly blogging fiction is somewhat rare, and will take some deeper digging on my part. Sadly, the people who have so far found this blog seem to have found it from the writing angle as well (liking what I have seen so far at The Literary Man). But I just don’t feel like the subject matter expert there yet.

However, I was just at the Art of Video Games exhibit at the Smithsonian, and I think I could create some good content around video games. So expect to see these posts coming up here in the next couple of days!


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