More Thoughts on Twitter

So I have been on Twitter a bit now, and there is some great community-building that happens. I have self-listed as a writer, and have started getting some writers and writing groups following me. This is awesome. This is stuff I would like to check out and keep up with.

However, how do you keep up with things on Twitter? Follow a few folks, and suddenly you’re drowning in posts! I have a few actors, not so interesting sometimes; a few comedy ones, which I could take or leave; a few blogs, which I really probably don’t need because I go to their sites; a few celebrities who seem to talk to each other so it’s a bit amusing; and then the writers who might be saying something I should pay attention to.


How do people keep up with Twitter? Multiple accounts depending on what you want to read about? Skip blindly over things? Constantly sitting and reading what people are writing?

How do you interact with Twitter? Did you try and give up? What are your thoughts, oh reader?


About CompGeeksDavid
Co-founder, editor, podcaster, web comicer, forum moderator, and writer for Comparative Geeks. Father, husband, geek, nerd, gamer, librarian, Christian, Libertarian, Science Fiction philosopher, and probably a number of other descriptors.

3 Responses to More Thoughts on Twitter

    • Thanks for the link! Will have to give that a look!

      Which I just did. Wow, publishers wanting to see you have that sort of following already before they publish you! Will have to get that going!

      And did not know that Twitter likes to see you keep your following and followers within a reasonable amount of each other. That means to read what people are putting out there, in theory you need to be putting something meaningful out there that people want to follow.

      You know, meaningful and under 140 characters.


      • LOL Well, take some of that with a grain of salt. If I was looking to get published I would not be going the traditional route with a publisher. For that, you might want to check out this author who I follow:
        She knows her stuff and I believe, like her, e-publishing IS the way of the future whether traditional publishes or authors like it or not.


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