Flash Fiction Friday Four

As I mentioned last week, my new plan is to do my writing prompts here on Fridays, as part of rolling out Flash Fiction Friday. This is similar to what I was doing in my Muse Monday Feature. Today’s prompt is from the 3 A.M. Epiphany, and it is called War.

The four phases of war, according to James Fallows in the January/February issue of The Atlantic, are “deterrence and engagement,” “seize the initiative,” “decisive operations,” and “post-conflict”… In this exercise create an outline rather than a filled-out piece of narrative, a set of quick and dirty instructions for a scene that only occasionally bursts into full-throated song. You should also be funny. War is hell, but it can also be grimly funny, or at least it can be ridiculous and absurd. Make us laugh at this little war. 500 words.

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