Science Fiction Today – Books for the Sunday Re-Blog

Here’s one of our A to Z Challenge posts this year, in the theme Science Fiction Today! I thought this one fit in well with the theme here on the blog.

Comparative Geeks

BBooks are still such an important part of not only how we get information, but how we get to experience all the various stories that people have to tell. At the same time the way that we read books has changed. The invention of the printing press made such a significant impact on just having access to reading and now we have the ability for anyone to have books.

This has made almost a different issue of the number of books that can be housed in one location. Libraries create a place to be able to borrow books instead of owning, but there is something about owning books that is really nice. Now we have all sorts of e-readers and tablets that can hold hundreds of books at one time and even add the ability to have interactive elements. This is already a huge step forward in how books areā€¦

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Meme Monday 2

Trinity Hail Hydra

This is one of my favorite memes lately, and I have talked about it before on Comparative Geeks. However, the image I thought of, and haven’t seen others using, is from The Matrix. Secrets and conspiracies crying out to be known… What is the Matrix?

Hail Hydra.

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