Muse Monday 2 – The Character of Setting

Hello! I’m back for another Muse Monday post! Since my plan is to place these stories in the same setting, I thought I would work from a writing prompt based on Setting. I am using one from the book Now Write! called “The Character of Setting.” Which says: “Think of one long paragraph. Introduce the character in the first sentence, and then describe the setting. Return to the character only at the end of the paragraph.”

Mr. Remy stepped out of his stateroom, looking for his wife. He looked in either direction, seeing the long hall stretch out before him. Middle of the ship: near symmetry in either direction. Pods of doors, with numbers, names on little placards, and the occasional balloons and celebration. Here, an anniversary, there a birthday, there a wedding. Ah, and then the wedding party. Between the pods, open doors in the halls, the sort that would close in an emergency. Up ahead, a break in the doors: the stairs. The center of the ship, with a short hall for service elevators, and then, a larger bay. Here are the main stairs, and main elevators. From here, up leads to food, to swimming, to sun. Down from here leads to the main dining rooms, but before that, the Piazza, the atrium: the shopping. Well, and more food: food wherever you turn. If she had been hungry, he would never be able to figure out where she went. He saw no sign she had changed to her swimsuit: shopping it was, and down he went.


Introducing Muse Monday!

The time is here, the time is now! I have figured out what to do with Mondays! The votes are in, the planning is together, and lo and behold – my writing blog will have some writing going on!

Thus, my new Feature – Muse Monday! I am pulling together a few different ideas I’ve had and, now that I have been pulling off Features (mostly), I think upping the game sounds good. So one writing idea I’ve had is that I use writing prompts from some writing prompt books I have. Easy enough!

Now Write!The 3A.M. EpiphanyAlright, so I have writing prompt books, sorted. That’s half of my plan. However, I had another thought: a set of stories related only by their setting. I’ve thought of a few settings, but I think the one that has the best potential of a variety of people, scenarios, and possibilities: a cruise ship.

So I don’t know how this will all turn out. I haven’t read many of the prompts, because you read one and you start getting ideas… read another, and new and more and different ideas – or maybe mixed.

Both books have the prompts sorted by type, though, so I can target which one I turn to week over week. And I will probably be turning to you, dear readers, for prompts as well! If you have any you want to toss at me now, feel free to do so, in the comments below!

Writing commences next week!


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