Wordless Wednesday 44

Kindle PSA


K – Kindle

KThe Kindle was designed as a game changer. And it has filled the role of being the brand-name replacement for e-reader, like Kleenex for facial tissue, Q-Tip for cotton swab, or Hoover for vacuum (if you’re British).

And they’ve kept updating it over time. Adding the touch screen, having lots of versions available. We got some of the cheaper ones with ads for the lock screen: not intrusive, and some nice savings. Because where there’s money to be made is in the e-books.

I wrote about e-books the other day. And I’m honestly not sure what I was thinking, including e-books with Kindle in the list. Maybe I wanted to talk about e-readers as well as e-books. So while the Kindle itself is neat, let’s talk e-readers in general.

You can search them, adding search to a book. That’s neat and handy with non-fiction, and great for us quotes freaks trying to find a quote in a book. You can adjust the font, so that if you have a vision problem you can match what you are reading with what is comfortable. You can even have it read the words to you.

In fact, you can skip that and get your hands on audio books one your e-reader as well. I’ve only listened to a few, but Wil Wheaton’s reading of Ready Player One is worth the time, I assure you.

Add in the neat functions of e-books, like how many you can fit easily on a device and carry with you (or not fill up your bookshelf), and you have a strong case for saying that this is a game-changer of a device.

Yet here we are, still with books. The newness is still definitely a factor: the business side is all still being figured out. And the rights issues! Do we really own these books? Or if they magically disappear from the Cloud, what can we do about it? I know that subscription-based services are pretty strong business models these days, from Hulu to NetFlix, or even World of Warcraft. And there’s Amazon’s Prime service, giving you access to shows and movies and such as well. Maybe that’s a future business model for their e-books?

Gee, that sounds a lot like a library…

Is that Amazon’s future? After replacing bookstores, will they replace libraries? I guess time will tell! Or you could, in the comments below!

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