If we were having coffee… Train of Thought Edition

“A thirst for the world’s knowledge.”

If we were having coffee, I’d talk about how I started listening to podcasts this week. There are some times at work where they just work great – I can be working on a task, and listening to that, and really actually get really efficient and in the zone. Of course, I’ve also found tasks where they’re a really bad idea… there’s always still listening to music, right?

Speaking of music, I’d ask if you’ve heard the new Florence & the Machine album… it’s pretty great.

I’d say I’ve been thinking about efficiency, about how to be doing things as quickly or effectively as possible, about finding the time again to do things like blog regularly, to work in new things like sketching. All around the Geek Baby, who is of course the priority. Podcasts are just one of those things, letting me double up my time.

And speaking of sketching, I’d mention that I’m thinking it’s time to step up what I’m doing with my Wordless Wednesdays. When they hit a year, it’s time to mix in some things I’ve drawn. And I’d mention I’m looking at taking some art classes.

I also finished reading Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, and that really was one of the more important things I’ve ever read. It gave me a lot of perspective over things that I have more felt than really had words for. It also reminds me of my series on Science Fiction, Fantasy, and realistic versus romantic literature… it’s about exploring the art, explaining the art, such that it might actually be considered “art” by the establishment.

Which of course goes back to my history thesis, about William Hogarth. Who makes an appearance in Understanding Comics. So you can be sure I’ll be writing some blog posts about that! I think it’s always been comics for me. And I think that helps me finally understand why I haven’t been able to get going writing – because I think it’s comics I want to write, and not just words. We’ll see where that takes me.

I guess as I finish up my coffee I’d need to apologize for dumping so much… but we missed coffee last week, and there’s oh so much time for things to go through your head when you’re awake half the night… and oh so little time to get your thoughts organized.

How’re you? Have you heard Florence & the Machine’s new album? Read Understanding Comics?

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10 Responses to If we were having coffee… Train of Thought Edition

  1. Gene'O says:

    ohhh. Sketching! I am thinking about breaking out the easel and painting on some canvas soon. I am not bad at that, but haven’t done it in years because I hadn’t the space for it.

    I’m also thinking about efficiency. And about getting back to my fiction project which I mothballed almost two years ago now to concentrate on the blog-building.

    I really, really want to write fantasy fiction, dude. And if you happen to get good enough at the sketching, I might just be convinced to script it as comics instead of uploading it in paragraphs to Amazon.

    Stories are all about the action and dialog, right? And lol, I’ve already got a better map than George R.R. Martin has for his books.

    (I am sure you are aware of this already, but if you write coffee posts, you’re liable to get odd comments from me at strange times that are somewhat relevant to your post but are mostly about me.) Also. Shared on Twitter πŸ˜‰

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    • I figured I drink enough coffee that it was time to drink some with friends, right? πŸ˜‰ And after all, the post was pretty much all about me… your reply can be all about you!

      I basically gave up on art in 8th grade, feeling that my peers were pulling way past me in skill. And it shows. However, I’m dabbling in a new medium and so it’s actually helping it be something new to work on instead of something old to try to remember: I’ve been sketching stylus-on-tablet. And I feel like it’s not an utter train wreck, so I’ll start with that for sure.

      And I know for both of us, it’s fiction that is our long game of all of this – the end goal. Hey, did you ever see the long comment I left on your comment on a post on Luther’s blog? It was to that effect. I’ll see if I can find a link…


      • Gene'O says:

        Lol. No. I did not see. He made good with Delilah, and that made me somewhat embarrassed by a comment i left there, so I did not go back.

        Gonna go and take a look at it now.

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    • Hannah G says:

      There’s never enough time to do everything I’d like to do… but drawing is the one-more-thing I really would do if I could ever have the time. I just can’t fit it in because it takes SO MUCH time, and I completely zone out while doing it — can’t draw while watching TV or anything. TV is my main multitask time. But as I type this I’m thinking maybe I should try again, or do something with my old drawings… looking forward to seeing both y’all’s stuff. πŸ™‚

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  2. Diana says:

    I’m really, really loving the new Florence and the Machine album. But of course, I’ve loved the others, too.

    Interested in seeing what you do with Wordless Wednesdays. I want to re-tool some of my features, but that’ll have to wait until I have a little more time.

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  3. Podcasts at work are great. When I was doing data entry, they helped keep me sane. Have you listened to Titanium Physicist? He gathers a team of physicists to explain physics to guests like web comic artists or the Tolkien Professor.

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