How Do You Choose Which Projects to Pursue?

Maybe in some of my earlier days, I had some problems with asking questions on the Internet. Of course, even on my post lamenting this phenomenon, I got replies! It really is a case where, if you give people an opportunity and a place to reply, they likely will. So, I have one bouncing around in my head.

How do you choose which projects to pursue?

I think I’m going to go with a poll. However, the responses are based on some of my thoughts, so you may very well have your own! Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. We’ve been having some fun and success with polls on Comparative Geeksnot success like Patrick Sponaugle has with polls, but success.

Over time, I notice that my writing projects start to bleed together. There are definitely themes and ideas I want to write about – but as they merge, it gets harder to choose! It makes me really want to get SOMETHING written and out there, so that I know I have succeeded at getting some ideas out.

I wrote about my priorities the other day, and got some feedback – but would certainly still love more! I’m turning 30 tomorrow, so it seems a good time to be introspective. Well, more than usual. And to ask questions like, where should I be spending my time? What’s working and what isn’t? What has the most impact? So this is all just part of that exercise. Thanks for the input, readers!


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8 Responses to How Do You Choose Which Projects to Pursue?

  1. Rose F says:

    I usually have several projects at once. One is “sellable” one or two are “bloggable” and the rest are just whatever looks interesting/like it has a viable story at the moment.


  2. Sourcerer says:

    Okay: I voted for three categories.

    1. The easiest is always first, because it can be done tomorrow.

    2. The most sellable is always second, because blogging is about getting people read, if I am honest about what I am doing here. Sellable means search engine hits for two years.

    3. Start with something I can blog or do publicly, though not because of the accountability, although I understand that and for most of my life I used the public stuff that way.

    These days, I start with something I can blog or do publicly because other people might join in. I just take the chance, and when I flop, I don’t beat myself up. Kinda goes back to my second point.

    Building a big megaphone, is what I am trying to do. It’s an end in and of itself. It has no purpose other than to be a big megaphone, except maybe to convince humanity that we should give Elephants their own country.


    • See that’s where the idea of trying to create a blog that could lead to a book seems like a good idea… Like I feel like I’ve learned a lot about blogging and interacting with a following… Even if I’m not doing a great job at those things all the time!

      Right now, my writing time is going in to blogging. I just need to figure out how that makes its best impact!

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      • Sourcerer says:

        Seems like the choice is write something that you hide away until it’s done, and use the blog as a glorified Facebook page, or go all out with the blogging. I’m thinking hard about this right now, because I am not getting any younger, and most of my fiction is yet to be written.

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      • Sourcerer says:

        Well. If you have something that you can put together and sell in a reasonable amount of time, you should be doing that, is my thought. You have a bit of a network, and it seems as though the social media is very forgiving of #amwriting and absences, as long as people know what’s up. We’re all in the same boat here.

        Sry for the weirdness in the responses from this account. I’m trying not to comment from it right now because I’m not checking it that often.

        I’ve spent the afternoon getting ahead of A to Z. About to tag you in a tweet with this link, but since we’re friends and all šŸ™‚


  3. hannahgivens says:

    Toss-up between what’s most interesting and what’s easiest/quickest, just depending on my resources at the time. šŸ™‚ The real kicker is to only pick once. It’s not “whatever’s most interesting TODAY.” It’s the thing that I believe will remain the most interesting until such time as I finish it.


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