Efficient Blogging: The Power of Features (The Sunday Re-Blog)

Doubling up today on Re-Blogs for reasons that will soon become apparent. This post has really inspired me, and I’ve been thinking about ways it applies. I think the answer is: it apples here on DBCII. Expect some features to come!


One thing six months of blogging has taught me is that, if your goal is to update a blog every day, you have to find ways to create posts that don’t take a lot of time. If you’re blogging to attract a readership (and not everyone is, but I am), you’re investing words and time in your blog and hoping for a return in reads and engagement. So when I talk about efficiency, I’m asking a question:

How can I produce a post that’s good — one people will actually like — and do it as quickly as possible?

Before I go any further, let me just say: I don’t believe it’s necessary to post every day to have a successful blog. It’s much more important to produce quality work, and to find ways of bringing it to the attention of goodwriter memepeople who are interested in whatever you’re blogging about…

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7 Responses to Efficient Blogging: The Power of Features (The Sunday Re-Blog)

  1. Sourcerer says:

    I really must applaud your choices of reblogs today 🙂

    Best o’ luck with the features. The trick, for me at least, is to find features that don’t take a lot of time and are either totally original (like the public domain poetry), or something that other bloggers do (like the Wordless Wednesday).


    • I think I am taking both of those pieces of advice to heart 🙂 Planning on the post about my new features going up on Tuesday!


      • Sourcerer says:

        Fabulous! I think I’ll have a couple of real posts at my writing blog this week.


        • I am sadly behind on read The Writing Catalog… We have entirely too many projects between us!


          • Sourcerer says:

            Indeed. I don’t put nearly enough time into keeping up with blogs. I’ve thought about folding the Writing Catalog into Sourcerer more than once in the last couple of months, but no. Just no, dammit. Long-term, I should only be posting at Sourcerer on the weekends. I built it specifically to place it at the center of my network and then give other people the benefit of using a platform that I manage.


          • And when you do that, you need a blog to call your own… and that’s the Writing Catalog!


          • Sourcerer says:

            Exactly. Got your emails, just haven’t been able to respond. Throwing up the Feminist Friday options now, will catch up with you in a bit.


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