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MI was originally going to write on the topic of Magazines with the letter M, but I think I am beating on Journalism and all a pretty decent amount, and I think I’ll be back at it tomorrow. So for now, let’s change gears, after my question yesterday about Language. I said I would talk about my favorite use of language, so here we are with Music.

I suppose I have written on this subject recently on Comparative Geeks. I love music and song lyrics. From the earlier days of Facebook, when you could put your interests as whatever you wanted to (instead of them being tied to “pages” run by other people), one of mine was “Listening to music without understanding it.” For me, music lyrics are the modern poetry; certainly the popular poetry. We applaud the musician who is also writing their own lyrics. And we’ll probably excuse a lot more because of it.

Music is about creating an emotion, a feeling, a reaction, a mood. Lyrics serve only to enhance that. To replicate that. So the same things can be said: lyrics create an emotion, a feeling, a reaction, a mood. And can tell a story. Some of the most fun is when they do. Better yet is when they tell a story that you haven’t figured out yet – just as much fun as a deep poem with hidden and layered meanings. Am I equating T.S. Elliot to Rush? Maybe. Probably.

More novels should include music in them. I have been super excited that they’ve included songs in the Hobbit movies. And in Game of Thrones! The Bear and the Maiden Fair, anyone? No? How about The Rains of Castamere?

In closing, I think I will return to the Dune quote I used over on Comparative Geeks. The music of life.


Leto II, Heretics of Dune


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6 Responses to M – Music

  1. Sourcerer says:

    This goes nicely with some of the things I’ve been saying, like the stuff about Euphony, and Lyric. I agree that music lyrics are modern poetry. They can’t help it. They must be metered to go along with the music, and frequently, they rhyme whether anyone likes it or not. etc.

    Music is powerful.

    (Didn’t have the time to do the full visits tonight, but I do have all the blogs squared away for 24 hours and am caught up on A to Z. The first thing I’m doing when I get home tomorrow is visit all my friends) 🙂

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  2. Gene'O says:

    This post just demands more comment 🙂

    My favorite part of that Game of Thrones episode is when the band starts playing with those primitive instruments and the music they produce sounds like a modern chamber orchestra with real cellos. I just love that.

    For my money, music is just about the most powerful form of art that exists. Especially mass-marketed popular music. I think it probably has more influence on peoples’ worldviews than any other form. Because, like you say, it’s about emotion, and things that inspire strong emotion tend to have a lot of persuasive/instructional value.

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    • I notice Music is one of your topics on Sourcerer, but not a lot of standalone posts on Music. That should perhaps be remedied!

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      • Gene'O says:

        I never know what to say about music as a topic. I can talk about songs all day long, but music as music? Aside from what I’ve said on this thread, I’m clueless.

        The music posts are interesting. They aren’t the most popular, but people who like the music posts like them consistently. They’re like punctuation, and they’re easy posts to put together. Since I’d be YouTubing music videos for my own pleasure anyway, it’s kind of a no-brainer to copy the URL and attach a paragraph.


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