Children’s Literature: Is it Even a Thing? – The Sunday Re-Blog

While I have talked a lot about genres like Science Fiction or Fantasy… there’s different ways to slice the genre world. What about YA or Children’s lit? Often with a lot of overlap to the science fiction/fantasy world.

So here’s a great piece from someone working on their PhD in the field… it’s part of a response to an annoying post by someone else, and is a lead-in to more content over on the blog. Definitely give the Part Time Monster a read!

Oh, and a huge conversation started on the subject, as well! Check out the comments!

Part Time Monster

You guys won’t see this until well after now, but just so you know, I’m supposed to be working. I really need to be grading. Or packing. Or doing anything but watching the comments feed on a WordPress article. But I’ve been having a conversation about The Hunger Games and young adult literature with the good folks at Scholars and Rogues for the better part of the day. I’ve managed to write, over there in the comments section, what probably would’ve been at least one, if not two or three or four, blog posts–and so I decided what the hell, I’ll write a bit about it myself.

The post contends that The Hunger Games holds no real cultural critique; the author sees the books as a cash cow for Collins and Scholastic, written to cash in on the explosion of YA literature’s popularity in the wake of the Harry Potter…

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