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Looking for input from writers on their process? Want to chime in on your own? Here’s a great conversation starter from over on The Writing Catalog! Make sure to look through the comments!

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Do you compose in your head? If so, how much can you compose before you have to write it down to keep from losing it?

I can mentally compose a couple of pages of an essay, and that’s frequently how I do it. When I am in composition mode, I can’t follow a conversation to save my life. Sometimes, when people try to talk to me while I’m in the process of working myself up for a writing session, they think I am just not interested in what they have to say.

I can’t write fiction that way. Maybe three sentences of fiction is the limit, and I have to write them down as soon as possible, or I lose them.

How does your composition process work? Is the cognitive stuff you do before you actually sit down to write different for different types of writing? You should think about…

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  1. Gene'O says:

    Cool that you reblogged this one. The comments thread on the original post is one of my favorites so far.


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